Rajasthan Ride Chittorgarh to Bhinder Twice Episode 14

All About The Journey

Set off on a thrilling bike trip from Chittorgarh to Bhinder. Travel through beautiful landscapes and become fully immersed in Rajasthan’s rich history. Admire the magnificence of Chittorgarh Fort, explore the Nathdwara temples, and take in the serenity of Rajsamand Lake. Ride excitedly on NH27 and SH32 as you search for hidden treasures and make lifelong memories.

You may take several alternative  routes utilizing NH27 to get from Chittorgarh to Bhinder. Here are two options to consider:

Route 1: NH27 from Chittorgarh to Bhinder

  • On NH27, start in Chittorgarh and travel north.
  • Towards Udaipur, follow NH27. You will pass through cities like Nimbahera and Dabok on this trip.
  • Continue on NH27 as you get closer to Udaipur, passing the airport.
  • Continue traveling via NH27 after Udaipur, which will pass through Nathdwara.
  • Continue riding north on NH27 towards Bhinder from Nathdwara. You will pass through beautiful rural landscapes in this section.
  • You will eventually arrive in Bhinder, which is roughly 60 km away from Chittorgarh.

Route 2: NH27 and SH32 from Chittorgarh to Bhinder

  • On NH27, start in Chittorgarh and travel north.
  • Pass through Nimbahera and Dabok as you go along NH27 toward Udaipur.
  • Instead of continuing on NH27 as you get closer to Udaipur, turn left onto State Highway 32 (SH32).
  • Towards Bhinder, follow SH32. You’ll pass through rural and agricultural areas on this journey.
  • The distance from Chittorgarh to Bhinder is about 65 km, so continue on SH32 till you get there.

Both routes are reasonably simple and have beautiful scenery. Nevertheless, because road conditions might change, checking for any updates or closures before your trip is a good idea. Remember to observe traffic laws and regulations for a smooth and comfortable ride, wear the proper safety gear, and keep your  in good condition.

Biker Guide: Chittorgarh to Bhinder On Bike

This biker’s guide will help you have a safe and pleasurable trip if you intend to ride from Chittorgarh to Bhinder:

1. Create a Route: 

Choose your route based on your tastes and the state of the roads. Use NH27 and SH32, as they were previously mentioned.

2. Road and Weather Conditions: 

Check the weather forecast and the state of the roads along your route before you set out on your travel. When the weather is particularly bad, or the roads are in poor condition, stay off the roadways.

3. Get your Bike ready: 

Make sure your bike is in functioning order. Examine the tires, brakes, lights, fluids (oil, coolant, etc.), and fluid levels. Bring some simple tools and a spare tire tube in case you need to make repairs.

4. Protective Gear: 

Wear the proper safety equipment, such as a helmet, gloves, protective clothing, and sturdy shoes. This will offer safety in the event of any mishaps or falls.

5. Bring the Required Documentation: 

Bring your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and registration for your car. These are necessary to have in case of any roadside inspections or emergencies.

6. Refuel: 

Ensure your  has enough gas to get you where you’re going. Pre-fueling is smart, and you should watch for petrol stations along the way.

7. Bring the Necessities: 

Bring a first aid kit, a puncture repair kit, and a basic toolbox with you. Bring enough water, snacks, and money for unexpected expenses. A cell phone and charger should also be carried for communication.

8. Obey Traffic Rules: 

Keep to the traffic laws and regulations while you go. Follow the posted speed limits, signal turns, and overtake slowly. Watch for other cars, pedestrians, and animals when riding.

9. Take a Break: 

Take regular breaks to stretch, drink water, and rest. Long rides without rest stops can make you tired. Use rest stops, eateries, and scenic locations along the way.

10. Stay Hydrated: 

To stay hydrated and energized, consume adequate water and eat small meals. Steer clear of large meals that could make you sleepy while riding.

11. Take in the Scenery: 

Enjoy the trip, take in the scenery, and maintain concentration. Take time to visit nearby attractions or to capture special moments.

12. Top attractions in Chittorgarh:

The state of Rajasthan contains the historic city of Chittorgarh, renowned for its majestic forts, palaces, and historic temples. The following are the top attractions of Chittorgarh:

1. Chittorgarh Fort: 

The Chittorgarh Fort, one of India’s biggest forts, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site representing Rajput’s bravery and selflessness. The Rana Kumbha Palace, Vijay Stambh (Victory Tower), Kirti Stambh (Tower of Fame), and the Padmini Palace are just a few remarkable buildings within the fort complex.

Chittorgarh Fort

2. Victory Tower or Vijay Stambh: 

Maharana Kumbha erected the magnificent Vijay Stambh, a nine-story tower with elaborate carvings and sculptures, in the 15th century. It provides sweeping views of the surroundings from the top, making it a well-liked tourist attraction.

Vijay Stambh

3. Kirti Stambh (Tower of Fame):

The Kirti Stambh is a striking tower inside the Chittorgarh Fort dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankara. It has beautiful Jain sculptures throughout its seven stories.

Kirti Stambh

4. Rana Kumbha Palace: 

Maharana Udai Singh, who founded Udaipur, was born in this palace located within the Chittorgarh Fort. The palace is an interesting place to explore, even in ruins, because of its architecture and historical significance.

Rana Kumbha Palace

5. Rani Padmini Palace: 

Rani Padmini Palace, housed inside the Chittorgarh Fort, is renowned for its exquisite architecture and reflecting pool. The fabled story of Rani Padmini and Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khilji is connected.

Rani Padmini Palace

13. Top Attractions in Bhinder:

A small town in Rajasthan’s Udaipur district called Bhinder is well-known for its historical and cultural landmarks. There are still some interesting sites to visit in and around Bhinder, even though there may be fewer tourist attractions than in bigger towns. To name a few:

1. Bhinder Palace: 

The Bhinder Palace is a well-known landmark in the area. The ancient Rajasthani architecture at this historic palace offers a window into the area’s royal past. Despite being a private residence, the exteriors are beautiful.

2. Rajsamand Lake: 

Maharana Raj Singh constructed the sizable artificial lake called Rajsamand Lake, which is close to Bhinder. It’s a great place to unwind, enjoy calm surroundings, and watch the beautiful sunset.

3. Haldighati: 

A historical site, Haldighati, is about 50 kilometers from Bhinder. The renowned Battle of Haldighati between Maharana Pratap and the Mughal army occurred there. The area houses a museum and memorial honoring Maharana Pratap, displaying artifacts and exhibits connected to the conflict.

4. Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary: 

Although it is about 70 kilometers from Bhinder, the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is nevertheless important. Leopards, wolves, deer, and many bird species are among the rich flora and animals that call it home. Safaris and hiking trails are available for nature enthusiasts to explore the sanctuary.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Keep safety in mind. Ride safely, keep your eyes open, and adjust your pace to the conditions of the road. It’s good to inform someone of your travel schedule and anticipated arrival time. From Chittorgarh to Bhinder, have a fantastic  trip!

People Also Ask:

What is the distance between Chittorgarh and Bhinder by bike ?

Depending on the route followed, Chittorgarh and Bhinder are separated by a distance of 60 to 75 kilometers when traveling by bike.

How long does it take to travel from Chittorgarh to Bhinder by bike ?

The  ride from Chittorgarh to Bhinder might take time based on variables like speed and road conditions. The trip can take 2 to 3 hours to accomplish on average.

Is there any accommodation available in Bhinder for bikers?

Since Bhinder is a small town, there might be few places to stay. For overnight stays, there can be guesthouses or small hotels available. Making advance plans or considering staying in adjacent towns like Udaipur for more lodging options is advised.

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