Rajasthan Ride Jaisalmer To Kuldhara Motovlog Episode 08

All About The Journey

Set out on a thrilling bike journey from the vibrant city of Jaisalmer to the enigmatic village of Kuldhara. This tour, which covers a distance of about 34 kilometers and offers a blend of history, culture, and a dash of intrigue, takes you through Rajasthan’s rural landscapes. Feel the wind in your hair as you travel through open roads and take in the mysterious allure of Kuldhara’s abandoned ruins.

You may ride many different routes from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara. Here are several possibilities:

1. The route via Sam Sand Dunes (about 25 km away):

  • On NH125, start at Jaisalmer and travel south.
  • Sam Sand Dunes are about 15 kilometers away. Here, take a quick stop to take in the desert beauty.
  • Go east on the road that goes to Kuldhara from Sam Sand Dunes. In around 10 miles, on a mostly straight route, you’ll arrive in Kuldhara.
Sam Sand Dunes

2. The route via Lodurva (about 17 km away):

  • On NH125, start at Jaisalmer and travel south.
  • You will arrive in Lodurva, a city renowned for its medieval ruins and Jain temples, after traveling around 12 kilometers. If you want, spend some time looking around the region.
  • To reach Kuldhara, travel another 5 km south on the same road from Lodurva.

3. Sam-Siwana-Kuldhara route (about 70 km):

  • On NH125, start at Jaisalmer and travel south.
  • Sam Sand Dunes are about 15 kilometers away. If you’d like, take a rest right here.
  • Continue traveling north on NH125 toward Siwana from Sam Sand Dunes. You will pass through tiny towns and rural areas on this route.
  • When you get to Siwana, turn northeast and go to Kuldhara. Be prepared for some bumpy areas because the road may need smoother in other places. There are roughly 40 kilometers between Siwana and Kuldhara.

Please be aware that road conditions might change, and it’s a good idea to check the state of the roads right now before you travel. Additionally, be sure to ride cautiously and adhere to traffic laws. Have fun riding your bike from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara!

Biker Guide: Jaisalmer to Kuldhara on Bike

Here is a guide to help you get ready for and make the most of your bike trip from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara:

1. Create an Itinerary: 

Establish the length of your journey and the number of days you’ll be riding. Consider any side-trip sightseeing or activities you want to perform.

2. Weather Check: 

Check the weather forecast for Jaisalmer and Kuldhara before leaving to guarantee safe riding conditions. Avoid temperatures too high or unfavorable weather circumstances that compromise your comfort and safety.

3. Bike Upkeep: 

Make sure your bike is ready to go on the trip. Verify the oil, tires, brakes, lights, and other crucial parts. Keep a small toolkit, extra components, and a tire repair kit on hand in an emergency.

4. Carry Required Documents: 

Keep your identity on hand, together with your driver’s license, insurance documentation, and bike registration paperwork. To avoid any legal issues, having these documents with you while riding is imperative.

5. Protective Gear:

Wear the proper safety equipment, such as a helmet that fits properly, protective clothing, gloves, and sturdy shoes. Utilize bright clothing or accessories to be seen on the road.

6. Essentials: 

Carry a saddlebag or backpack to carry your necessities. Carry a water bottle, lightweight clothing, toiletries, sunscreen, sunglasses, a first aid kit, and a portable phone charger. It’s a good idea to have a GPS or bring a map when traveling.

7. Food and Fuel: 

Plan your fuel stops because there may be few or no stations along some portions. If necessary, bring extra fuel. Bring enough snacks and drinks, especially riding through isolated locations with few food alternatives.

8. Traffic: 

Do some research on the topography and road conditions along your preferred route. Be prepared for some bumpy sections on some routes. Look for any on-the-road hazards, such as potholes or speed limit signs.

9. Regional norms and laws: 

Learn about the rules and traditions that apply in the area. Respect the customs, traditions, and traffic laws of the area. Stay away from anything that can be considered insulting or illegal.

10. Options for Lodging:

Find out in advance what lodging choices are available around Kuldhara. Both options are staying in Kuldhara or surrounding cities like Jaisalmer or Sam Sand Dunes. When visiting during the busy times of the year, consider making reservations in advance.

11. Take in the Scenery: 

Take pauses at beautiful locations along the road to take in the scenery and record special moments. Get involved in the community, meet people from the area, and enjoy the local cuisine.

Remember that while enjoying your bike excursion, safety should always come first. Drink plenty of water, stop frequently, and drive safely. Enjoy the stunning scenery and have a great time biking from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara!

Kuldhara: The Deserted Village and Its Cursed Legacy


The abandoned settlement of Kuldhara in Rajasthan, India, has a mysterious and eerie allure. The settlement, abandoned suddenly centuries ago, has captured the interest of both residents and visitors. The mysterious narrative of Kuldhara is explained in this article by looking into its past, folklore, and creepy environment.


A Deserted Oasis:

The Paliwal Brahmins founded Kuldhara, formerly a thriving community, in the 13th century. It was close to Jaisalmer and served as a symbol of their advanced construction skills and thriving culture. However, the village and its surrounding communities were abruptly abandoned at the beginning of the 19th century. According to legend, the people fled into the night after being subjected to heavy taxes and an immoral king, leaving behind a community frozen in time.


The Kuldhara Curse:

According to local legend, the residents of Kuldhara left behind a potent curse to prevent anyone from settling on their abandoned land. They weren’t just trying to escape their demanding conditions, either. Anyone who tries to relocate within Kuldhara’s borders is supposed to be cursed, bringing them bad luck. The villagers’ fear of the curse’s fury and reluctance to enter the village’s haunted grounds have contributed to its lonely state.

Unsettling Myths and Paranormal Events:

The eerie atmosphere around Kuldhara has inspired a lot of terrifying stories. Both locals and tourists claim to have seen ghostly occurrences, unexplained noises, and uncomfortable energy from abandoned homes. Some people think that the ghosts of the deceased villagers still wander the village, protecting their ancestral homes from trespassers. These terrifying tales have enhanced Kuldhara’s standing as a hub of paranormal activity.

Maintaining the Ghost Town:


The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has taken action to conserve the village and its legacy because of Kuldhara’s historical and cultural value. Although most buildings are in disrepair, attempts have been made to stabilize and guard the remaining homes and buildings against further deterioration. To further enhance the appeal of this eerie village, the ASI also researches to solve the riddles of Kuldhara and throw light on its missing residents.

The Curiosity Factor and Tourism:

Kuldhara is a well-liked tourist destination because of its eerie charm. The village draws tourists from all over the world who are anxious to explore its deserted alleys and dilapidated homes and discover its secrets. Some visitors search for an otherworldly encounter, while others are drawn in by the ghost town’s fascinating past and mysterious atmosphere.



The enduring value of folklore and the passage of time are both demonstrated by Kuldhara. Those who dare to explore its desolate trails continue to be enthralled by the mystery and whispers of the past that surround this abandoned settlement. The mysterious story of Kuldhara will always be a fascinating thread in India’s cultural tapestry.

People Also Ask:

What is the ticket price of Kuldhara village?

The gates to the village are open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day of the week. The residents lock the gates after dusk since the location is thought to be haunted. Kuldhara Village charges an entrance fee of INR 10 per person or INR 50 if you arrive by vehicle.

What is the story of the village Kuldhara?

The local chief’s daughter caught Salim Singh wicked attention, the state’s strong and hedonistic prime minister, and he allegedly wanted to marry her forcibly. If Hamlet does not comply with his request, he warns them of dire consequences.

Which is the cursed village near Jaisalmer?

Kuldhara is a deserted settlement near the Rajasthani city of Jaisalmer. It was originally a thriving Paliwal Brahmin village that dates back to the 13th century. The majority of the locals were farmers, bankers, and traders in agriculture.

How long does it take to reach Kuldhara from Jaisalmer?

Approximately 34 kilometers separate Jaisalmer and Kuldhara. The amount of time it takes to travel by bike can change based on the road’s condition, the amount of traffic, and your riding speed. From Jaisalmer, it would typically take 30 to 55 minutes to go to Kuldhara. Please remember that this is merely an estimate and that actual wait times may differ depending on the situation. Allowing additional time for rest stops, sightseeing, and unforeseen delays while traveling is always a good idea.

Can I rent a bike in Jaisalmer for the trip to Kuldhara?

Yes, you can rent a bike in Jaisalmer from one of the several bike rental firms available for your trip to Kuldhara. Be sure you have the required paperwork, such as your identification and driver’s license.

Are there any food options available near Kuldhara?

There are a few restaurants close to Kuldhara. It is advised to bring snacks and enough water for the journey. You might find modest cafés or local food booths in adjacent villages, but it’s best to come prepared with your own supplies.

Is the road from Jaisalmer to Kuldhara well-paved?

Yes, the route between Jaisalmer and Kuldhara is often well-maintained and paved. However, some areas may have uneven patches or potholes, so it’s crucial to ride carefully and pay attention to the state of the road.

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