Freecultr Arm Sleeves with integrated Built Glove

Breathable bamboo cotton antibacterial arm sleeves with a built-in glove from Freecultr for men and women.

  • Machine-Wash Multi-Purpose Clothing (Sports & Outdoor Activities)
  • Flex gives a great combination of comfort & mild compression, making it the perfect accessory for travelers & athletes. Flex differs from standard polyester/nylon arm sleeves.
  • Flex clings to your arms like it’s nobody’s business, thanks to its ergonomic edges, no-slip edges, and ribbed hems! Flex all you want, but Flex will remain put. We can boldly proclaim because it is so ergonomically designed!
  • Built-In Glove: Flex fits like a glove because it has thumb slots that allow you to manipulate the shape of your hand and avoid slippage.
  • Let’s face it. No one loves to patch an arm sleeve regularly. Enter the Max Grip/Ribbed Elbow Patch. You won’t need to with Flex’s ribbed elbow patch, though! In addition to providing more grip, the panel guarantees that Flex will remain in good condition even after numerous washes.

Future Blend

specifically spun from natural fibers to create an utterly breathable composition that will make your outdoor activities enjoyable.

Grippy Edges

The Golden Arm Sleeves cling to your arms like nothing else because of its ergonomic design and ribbed hems!

Built-In Glove

These arm sleeves are designed with thumb slits to conform to the shape of your hand and prevent slipping, and they truly fit like a glove!

Patched Elbow Ribs

The ribbed elbow patch promises to maintain the sleeves’ shape even after numerous washing items and provides extra grip.

Freecultr Arm Sleeves with Built-In Glove

Freecultr Men’s and Women’s Antibacterial Bamboo Cotton Arm Sleeves with Built-In Glove.

  • Future Blend.
  • Grippy Edges.
  • Patched Elbow Ribs.
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Built-In Glove.
  • Premium, Sustainable Materials

MANUFACTURERUnderme Brands Pvt.
SIZE OF THE PACKAGE24.1, 20.7, 3.3; 80G
PRODUCT NAMEBreathable bamboo cotton antibacterial arm sleeves

People Also Ask:

Why do people wear compression sleeves?

Compression sleeves work to pump blood to and from those places by gently applying pressure to the areas of concentration. Oxygen-rich blood is used as fuel by muscles and tissues, and the compression sleeve aids in returning deoxygenated blood to the heart for reoxygenation.

How do cooling arm sleeves work?

The Uvoider UV Compression Arm Sleeves are wicking and breathable. This implies that the fabric of the arm sleeve absorbs and wicks away the moisture of your perspiration when you are working or playing outside in the hot sun.

Are arm sleeves good for running?

You can run a faster time thanks to all the tiny advantages they offer. For various reasons, including comfort, wind and sun protection, and warming, runners wear arm sleeves. Additionally, they can help with recuperation and blood circulation during and after a run.

Do arm sleeves make you faster?

Studies reveal that compression sleeves don’t boost running performance but aid in post-run recuperation (source). In essence, compression sleeves promote blood circulation, improve oxygenation to the muscles, and aid in lactate removal. All of this is beneficial for recovering muscles (source).

Why do sprinters wear arm sleeves?

Arm sleeves have more uses than just being fashionable. Arm sleeves help athletes recover faster by reducing muscle soreness from rapid, intensive motions, conserving energy while running, and increasing blood flow to the muscles.

Do compression sleeves make you run faster?

Science has proven the benefits of compression sleeves when it comes to performance. According to studies, wearing compression gear improves running performance after that. While the sleeves won’t suddenly improve your initial run, subsequent runs will demonstrate more significant improvement.


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