Leh Ladakh Road Trip Agra to Delhi Motovlog EP – 03

All About The Journey

There are numerous bike routes that you can use to cover the roughly 233 km distance between Agra and Delhi. Consider some of these well-known routes:

Yamuna Expressway: 

This is the shortest and most direct route between Agra and Delhi. You can go to Delhi over 233 km via the Yamuna Expressway (a toll road), which would take you there in 3 to 4 hours. There are numerous rest spots along the expressway with food and fuel, which are well-maintained.

Taj Mahal Route:

Follow the Taj Mahal route if you wish to travel through beautiful scenery. The cities of Mathura and Vrindavan are traversed on this road, which subsequently joins the NH-19 in the direction of Delhi. Delhi can be reached in around 5 to 6 hours after travelling a distance of about 235 kilometres.

Agra-Firozabad-Etah-Kasganj-Budaun-Delhi Route: 

This route runs through some of Uttar Pradesh’s small towns and villages and the NH-509 and NH-9 motorways. Delhi may be reached around 6-7 hours after travelling about 240 kilometres.

Agra-Mathura-Aligarh-Bulandshahr-Ghaziabad-Delhi Route: 

This route runs through the NH-509, NH-93, and NH-9 motorways and several well-known tourist attractions, including Mathura and Aligarh. Delhi may reach around 6-7 hours after travelling about 230 miles.

Agra-Bharatpur-Palwal-Faridabad-Delhi Route: 

This route travels across the NH-21 and NH-48 motorways and the Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur. Delhi may be reached around 6-7 hours after travelling about 245 miles.

Check the weather and traffic updates before starting any of these routes. Additionally, be sure your bike is in good shape and has all the required paperwork and safety equipment.

Detailed Guide

For those looking for adventure and the rush of the open road, biking from Agra to Delhi is a popular option. Depending on your speed and rest stops along the route, the voyage, about 230 kilometres long, can be finished in a day. Here is a detailed guide to assist you in organizing your bike trip from Agra to Delhi.


Make sure your bike is in good condition before starting your adventure. Verify that all lights are working properly, and check the brakes, tires, and fluid levels. To protect yourself in case of an accident, put on the proper riding gear, such as a helmet, gloves, and strong boots. Having a toolkit, additional fuel, and a spare tire with you is also crucial in an emergency.


The Yamuna Expressway is the most popular route for travellers to take to get from Agra to Delhi. A 165-kilometre toll road with six lanes connects Greater Noida with Agra. The expressway is kept up nicely and provides a comfortable ride with little bumps or potholes. You can choose from many paths to get to your destination once you enter Delhi from where the expressway ends.

Road Conditions:

Because of the Yamuna Expressway’s excellent road conditions, you may anticipate a comfortable ride for most of the distance. However, due to the numerous turns and bends along the route, it is imperative to exercise caution and drive at a reasonable speed. Additionally, there will be many toll booths, so be prepared to change to avoid any delays.

Scenic Areas:

While few scenic areas are on the expressway, there are many places to see along the way. For instance, the famed Taj Mahal is located in Agra, just a few kilometres from where the expressway begins. Along the journey, other noteworthy sights are the Buddh International Circuit, the ISKCON Temple, and the Noida Golf Course.

Food and Lodging:

Along the road, there are many food establishments and rest places where you can pause and recharge. Different cuisine alternatives are available, ranging from upscale restaurants to roadside dhabas. Additionally, there are many rest places where you can stop and stretch your legs. If you choose to stay overnight, Delhi offers a variety of lodging choices, from cheap hotels to opulent resorts.


The winter season, which runs from November to February, is ideal for this trip because of the good weather and moderate temperatures. Riding for extended periods might be uncomfortable during the sweltering summers when temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius. Due to the torrential rain and flooded roads, monsoons can sometimes be difficult.


Ensure you have all the appropriate safety equipment, such as knee pads, gloves, and helmets. Avoid driving at night, especially in rural regions with poor lighting and other road hazards. Additionally, riding carefully and attentively is important because various careless drivers may be on the road.

Finally, riding a bike from Agra to Delhi can be thrilling. You can have a pleasant and comfortable ride down the highway with the right planning, prudence, and safety equipment. Stop for breaks and visit nearby sites to make the most of your journey.

People Also Ask:

Distance between Agra and Delhi

Yamuna Expressway is a 3-hour drive that you may make by car. Alternatively, you can take the approximately 1-hour 50-minute rail ride from New Delhi to Agra Cantt. Between Agra to Delhi, there are roughly 221.5 kilometres.

Which road is best from Agra to Delhi?

Road Conditions from Agra to Delhi via the Yamuna Expressway. The most efficient, quickest, and shortest way to get from Agra to Delhi is by taking this route. Since the traffic on this highway from Agra to Delhi is light, most tourists and normal travellers utilize this route.

How much time required for Agra trip?

In general, Agra is a place you visit while visiting India. Nevertheless, to get the whole experience, we still advise you to stay there for at least 2 nights.

Which is the shortest from Delhi to Agra?

  • The Taj Expressway, known as the Yamuna Expressway, connects Delhi with Agra across 233.1 kilometres.
  • Yamuna Expressway: 3 hours, 37 minutes.
  • NH19 and NH44 (227 kilometers)
  • NH19/NH44: 4 h 48 min

Is it possible to rent a bike for the journey, and if so, what are the rental charges and requirements?

In Agra, there are various bike rental options that you can utilize to travel to Delhi. Roundtrip is one of the top suppliers of motorcycle rental services in India. On an hourly and daily basis, they provide a wide selection of two-wheelers for short and lengthy rides. Road journeys from Delhi to Manali, Bangalore to Goa, Mumbai to Pune, Mumbai to Goa, Delhi to Udaipur, Delhi to Rishikesh, Udaipur to Jaisalmer, and similar destinations can be taken by renting bike. 

The cost of renting a bike typically varies depending on the bike’s weight and the distance. The kilometres are used to denote the distance slabs. For instance, if you want to rent a bike to travel from Agra to Delhi, you should budget between Rs 4824 and Rs 15498 for the roundtrip fee.

The cost of renting riding equipment, including a helmet, is an additional Rs. 350 per day. It will cost you an extra Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per day if you desire an extra helmet for a pillion rider. Raincoats, chargers, and other accessories are not included in the riding equipment and will be charged individually.

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