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A small village in India’s Maharashtra state is called Dongaon. It is located in the Buldhana Lok Sabha constituency and belongs to the Akola district. The village’s long history dates back to antiquity and has seen many significant occasions.

Various dynasties, including the Satavahanas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Yadavas, and Bahamanis, controlled Dongaon in the past. The town was well-known for its thriving agriculture during the Bahamanis’ rule, particularly growing cotton and jowar.

The Maratha Empire governed Dongaon in the latter half of the 17th century. The village was well-known for assisting the Maratha Army and played a significant role in the Peshwa Empire. The town has a long history with the Indian freedom struggle, and numerous local leaders and activists were instrumental in the fight for independence.

There are many significant religious and cultural sites in Dongaon, including the Shree Someshwar Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, and the Jama Masjid, one of the oldest mosques in the area. The hamlet is renowned for another thing: its Lord Shiva-themed annual festival.

Dongaon is now a thriving village with an expanding economy. Numerous small companies call it home, particularly those engaged in agriculture and handicrafts. The hamlet has made considerable strides in healthcare and education, and many hospitals and clinics now serve the neighbourhood.


The Indian state of Maharashtra’s western region has little settlement of Dongaon. It is located in the Vidarbha district of Maharashtra, in the Akola district. The settlement has a total area of roughly 4.26 square kilometres and is about 300 meters above sea level.

The Panzara River, a tributary of the Tapti River, runs along the edge of the hamlet. The agricultural land surrounding the settlement, which is mostly used to cultivate cotton, jowar, and other crops, receives irrigation water from the Panzara River. Small hills covered in flora surround the settlement and offer picturesque views of the surroundings.

Panzara River

Dongaon is well-connected to the rest of the region through a network of roads and highways. The National Highway 6 (NH 6), which connects Mumbai to Kolkata, passes through the village, making it easily accessible by road. The nearest railway station is located in the town of Akola, which is approximately 35 kilometers away from Dongaon.

Through a system of roads and highways, Dongaon is well connected to the rest of the region. The town is conveniently located along National Highway 6 (NH 6) from Mumbai to Kolkata. The town of Akola, about 35 kilometres from Dongaon, is home to the closest railway station.


Due to its location in Maharashtra’s Vidarbha district, Dongaon has a tropical climate with three distinct seasons: summer, monsoon, and winter.

Dongaon experiences a summer climate from March through June, with temperatures averaging between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. The climate is hot and dry this time of year, with sporadic heat waves and dust storms. Even though it is often chilly at night, it rarely gets below 20 degrees Celsius.

June marks the commencement of the monsoon season, which lasts until September. Around 800 millimetres of rain annually in the village during this time, providing much-needed relief from the sweltering summer heat. During the monsoon season, the climate is muggy and humid, with sporadic thunderstorms and significant rainfall.

Dongaon’s winter season begins in December and lasts through February. The coldest month is January, with a temperature range of 10 to 25 degrees Celsius at this time. The majority of the time, the weather is cool and dry, with bright skies and sporadic morning fog.

Hot, dry summers, rainy, sticky monsoons, and chilly, dry winters often define Dongaon’s climate. The village is surrounded by small hills about 300 meters above sea level. This gives the area a pleasant and cool atmosphere even during the sweltering summer months.

Best Places In Dongaon

Dongaon, a small village in Maharashtra’s Akola district, is renowned for its scenic beauty and rich cultural past. Despite being a relatively tiny village, Dongaon offers a variety of activities and sights, such as:

Noorudin Saheb’s Mazaar-E-Maulai

At Dongaon Tq. Ambad is where Moulai Nuruddin’s mausoleum, Mazaar-E-Maulai, is located. Moulai Nuruddin was chosen by the D”, the centre of Yemen, to lead the dawat in India as a “Wal al-Hind” (representative/caretaker for India). Moulai Nuruddin travelled to India in 467 A.H. after travelling to Cairo, Egypt, to study. And travelled to Deccan. On Jumadi al-Ula 11, he passed away in Dongaon Tq. Ambad, Dist.Jalna.

How to Reach:

By Air

The closest airport is Chikkalthana Airport (IXU) in Aurangabad. From there, transportation to Pachod is available.

On a Train

Aurangabad has the closest railroad station. Buses to Pachod are accessible from there.

Via Road

Pachod Dist is 2 kilometers from Dongaon. Aurangabad. From Pachod to Dongaon, rickshaws, share rickshaws, and buses are all options.

Enjoy the natural beauty

Dongaon has a picturesque charm ideal for nature lovers and is bordered by little hills. You can stroll through the village and enjoy the clean air and tranquil setting.

Try the regional cuisine

Dongaon is no exception to Maharashtra’s reputation for great cuisine. You may sample regional specialities like vada pav, misal pav, and sabudana khichdi at the neighbourhood eateries and restaurants.

Dongaon Famous Misal Pav

Visit nearby villages

Anjangaon Surji, Khamgaon, and Akola are little villages close to Dongaon worth seeing. These settlements are accessible by day trip if you want to learn about the customs and way of life.

People Also Ask:

Where is above seal level Dongaon?

Over the seal level, Dongaon is a village in the Gangapur Taluka in the Aurangabad District of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is a part of the Marathwada area.

How To Reach Dongaon?

By Rail

There needs to be a railroad station within 10 kilometres of Dongaon. The railway stations that can be reached from nearby towns include Raver Rail Way Station, Savda Rail Way Station, Bhusaval Junction Rail Way Station, and Duskheda Rail Way Station. Raver Rail Way Station is close to Raver. Savda Rail Way Station is close to Faizpur.

Via Road

Yawal, Faizpur, Bhusawal, and Raver are neighbouring towns connected to Dongaon by road.

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