Rajasthan Ride Udaipur To Galiakot Episode 05 Part 1

Rajasthan Ride Udaipur To Galiakot Motovlog Episode 05 Part 1

All About The Journey

You can choose one of the following bike routes to get from Udaipur to Galiakot:

Route 1: Udaipur – Nathdwara – Rajsamand – Dungarpur – Galiakot

  • Depending on traffic and road conditions, this journey is around 196 kilometers long and takes 4-5 hours.
  • Beginning in Udaipur, travel NH58 northeast towards Nathdwara.
  • Travel on NH58 till you reach Nathdwara.
  • Continue on NH58 from Nathdwara in the direction of Rajsamand.
  • Turn left onto SH9 at Rajsamand, then proceed toward Dungarpur.
  • Turn right onto SH54 in Dungarpur, then continue to Galiakot.
  • To get to Galiakot, follow the signage or use a GPS navigation device.

Route 2: Udaipur – Chawand – Sagwara – Galiakot

  • It takes roughly 4-5 hours to drive the 180 kilometers that make up this route.
  • Beginning in Udaipur, travel NH58 northeast towards Chawand.
  • Continue on SH49 in the direction of Sagwara from Chawand.
  • Turn left onto SH54 in Sagwara, then proceed toward Galiakot.
  • To get to Galiakot, follow the signage or use a GPS navigation device.

Please be aware that traffic and road conditions might change, so checking for updates or closures before beginning your trip is always a good idea. Additionally, be sure you have the safety gear, licenses, and permissions essential for biking.

Detail Guide: Udaipur to Galiakot on Bike


The route from Udaipur to Galiakot offers the ideal balance of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and freedom on the open road for motorbike lovers looking for an exhilarating trip. This biker’s guide offers crucial details, advice, and suggestions to guarantee a comfortable trip through Rajasthan’s picturesque landscapes.

1. Preparation & Planning:

a. Route Selection: Based on your preferences, the state of the roads, and the time you have available, select the best route. Consider the two routes recommended earlier in this post for a scenic ride.

b. Weather: Rajasthan has hot summers, so plan your trip between October and March when it’s cooler for a more comfortable ride. Examine the weather prediction before packing the right clothing and riding equipment.

c. Maintain Your Bike:

Before starting your trip, make sure your bike is in top shape. Verify the lights, fluids, brakes, and tires. Carry emergency spare parts, a puncture repair kit, and necessary equipment.

Puncture repair kit

2. Essential Gear and Safety:

Wear a well-fitting helmet, a reliable riding jacket, gloves, pants, and boots for optimal protection. To adapt to fluctuating temperatures, layer your clothing.

Riding Gears

a. Safety Inspections: Conduct pre-ride inspections of your tires, brakes, headlights, indicators, and mirrors. Check your bike frequently when at rest stops to spot any problems.

b. Carry a first aid kit that includes the basics, such as bandages, antiseptic solution, pain relievers, and any required prescription medication.

3. Communication and Navigation:

a. Use a dependable GPS navigation device or carry a detailed route map to keep on course. Learn the route and any alternate routes in case there are detours.

GPS navigation device

b. Mobile Phone and Power Bank: Make sure your phone is fully charged, and you have a backup power bank. Calling, making calls, and using navigation applications are all practical uses.

c. Emergency Contacts: Write down important phone numbers for local authorities, emergency agencies, and roadside help.

4. Accommodation and Food:

a. Accommodation Options: Research and make early reservations, particularly during the busiest travel times. Udaipur, Nathdwara, and Dungarpur have various hotels, guesthouses, and resorts.

b. Food and Water: Bring lots of water and drink frequently while traveling. Bring some snacks or energy bars for rapid refilling. Visit roadside dhabas or restaurants along the trip to sample regional food.

5. Highlights of Culture and Sightseeing:

A. Attractions in Udaipur: 

1. Lake Pichola: Enjoy a boat ride on this tranquil body of water to admire the splendor of the City Palace, Lake Palace, and Jag Mandir.

2. The historical haveli turned museum, Bagore Ki Haveli, features royal antiques, conventional arts, and cultural performances.

Bagore Ki Haveli

3. Sajjangarh Palace, also known as the Monsoon Palace, is perched atop the Aravalli Hills and offers sweeping vistas of the city as well as breathtaking sunsets.

B. Nathdwara:

1. Pay a visit to the famed Shrinathji Temple to soak up its meditative atmosphere.

2. Srinathji Museum: This museum, part of the temple complex, houses a magnificent collection of items, such as historical texts, paintings, and royal possessions. It offers information about Shrinathji’s history, culture, and tales.

C. Dungarpur and Rajsamand: 


1. Rajsamand Lake is a magnificent man-made lake Maharana Raj Singh constructed in the 17th century and serves as the town’s focal point. Its tranquil atmosphere and exquisitely carved chhatris (cenotaphs) make it a favorite place for residents and tourists.


2. Udai Bilas Palace: This magnificent example of blending Rajput and Mughal architectural styles is a visual delight. The Gaibsagar Lake charmingly situates the palace and boasts exquisite courtyards and elaborate woodwork. It provides a glimpse of the splendor of Dungarpur’s former royal era.

Udai Bilas Palace

3. Juna Mahal: Also referred to as the “Old Palace,” the spectacular Juna Mahal features elaborate frescoes, mirror work, and distinctive architecture. It has a museum where historical antiques, paintings, and other items are on show.

4. Badal Mahal: Badal Mahal, perched on a hill, provides sweeping views of the surroundings. It is renowned for its magnificent architecture, vivid glasswork, and gorgeous murals.

D. Galiakot 

  1. Galiakot Dargah: Syedna Fakhruddin’s shrine, or Dargah, is Galiakot’s top tourist destination. Visitors to this holy place come to ask for blessings and to pray. It is a famous pilgrimage site because of its calm atmosphere and spiritual energy.
  2. Galiakot is surrounded by gorgeous hills, luxuriant vegetation, and tranquil sceneries. To appreciate the surrounding natural beauty and find some peace, go for a leisurely walk or trek.
Galiakot Dargah

3. Local Cuisine and Culture: Interact with the kind and hospitable residents to learn about the cuisine and culture of the area. Enjoy authentic Bohra food, renowned for its savory meals and distinctive flavors.


A memorable adventure that blends the pleasure of riding with the investigation of Rajasthan’s cultural heritage is beginning a bike trip from Udaipur to Galiakot. Bikers may explore the stunning scenery, immerse themselves in the area’s rich history, and have lifelong experiences on this engaging route with careful planning, the right equipment, and a sense of adventure. The adventure from Udaipur to Galiakot may now begin. Just get on your bike, embrace the wide road, and go.

People Also Ask:

How far is it from Udaipur to Galiakot?

Udaipur and Galiakot are separated by roughly 160 km (99 miles).

How long does it take to reach Galiakot from Udaipur by bike?

Road conditions, traffic volume, and individual riding pace can all affect how long it takes to get somewhere. The distance can be traveled in 3 to 4 hours on average.

What is the best time to undertake this journey?

Planning the vacation between October and March is advised because those months provide great riding weather. Due to the scorching weather, avoid the summer.

What are some important landmarks or attractions to see in Galiakot?

The shrine to Syedna Fakhruddin is Galiakot’s primary draw. Visitors to the shrine come to pray and ask for favors.

What are some essential items to carry for the trip?

Carry a toolkit, puncture repair kit, first aid kit, enough water, snacks, and required personal items in addition to the standard bike equipment. Having a dependable GPS device or carrying a map is also advised.

Are the roads in good condition for biking?

In general, the roads from Udaipur to Galiakot are in good shape. But it’s best to exercise caution and watch for potholes or unforeseen road conditions.

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