Solo Ride to Rajasthan Surat to Lunawada Motovlog Episode 02

All About The Journey

Biking the trip from Surat to Lunawada may be an exciting journey through beautiful scenery. You can take various routes if you want to ride from Surat to Lunawada. Several options are listed below for you to choose from:

1. The NH48 route:

  • Starting in Surat, travel east on NH48.
  • Continue traveling NH48 through Songadh and Vyara.
  • Turn right onto State Highway 58 after Songadh.
  • To go to Lunawada, take State Highway 58.

2. Travelling via SH 167

  • Starting in Surat, travel east on NH48.
  • Take the Umarpada exit, then make a right onto State Highway 6.
  • State Highway 6 should be continued through Waghai.
  • Take State Highway 167 and head towards Lunawada from Waghai.
State Highway 6

3. Travelling via SH88:

  • Starting in Surat, travel east on NH48.
  • Take the exit for Vyara, then keep traveling on SH65.
  • Near Sagbara, turn right onto SH88 after continuing on SH65.
  • Follow SH88 until you reach Lunawada.

4. The SH6 and SH140 route:

  • Starting in Surat, travel east on NH48.
  • Continue on SH6 after taking the exit in the direction of Umarpada.
  • After continuing on SH6, turn left onto SH140.
  • Continue on SH140 until you reach Lunawada after going through Netrang.

These routes could change based on the state of the roads and your preferences. It is always advised to check the most recent traffic information and road conditions before setting out on your route.

Detailed Guide: Surat to Lunawada on Bike

1. Plan and Get Ready:

  • Consider issues like the weather, road closures, and petrol stations along the way as you plan your trip well in advance.
  • Ensure your bike is in good shape, has working brakes, properly inflated tires, and all the equipment you’ll need for simple maintenance.

2. Safety Gear

Safety Gear
  • Wear a helmet that fits properly and riding attire, such as gloves, a jacket, trousers, and sturdy shoes.
  • Increase visibility by donning bright clothing or accessories, especially at night.

3. Maps and navigation:

  • To help you navigate the road, use trustworthy navigational aids like GPS units, mobile apps, or printed maps.
  • Learn about the important cities and sites you’ll pass through.

4. Route Options:

  • Depending on your preferences, choose the preferred path, whether it’s the scenic route or the shortest distance.
  • Select the route that best meets your interests by consulting the elaborate route possibilities in this dialogue.
Route Options

5. Road Situation:

  • Be ready for various driving conditions, such as paved highways, curvy roads, and sporadic potholes.
  • As such, modify your riding technique and maintain vigilance for any sudden roadblocks or risks.

6. Fuel and Refreshments:

  • Check for petrol stations along the way, and ensure you have enough fuel to get to the next one.
  • Bring enough water and food to stay hydrated and alert throughout the ride.

7. Breaks and Rest Stops:

  • During lengthy journeys, stop frequently to stretch, rest, and unwind. This improves your riding pleasure and prevents weariness.
  • Find appropriate rest stops, roadside restaurants, or picturesque sites where you may pause and take in the scenery.

8. Weather Information:

  • Keep up with local weather forecasts and modify your riding schedule as necessary.
  • In case of sudden weather changes, keep the proper rain gear or protective layers on hand.

9. Traffic Rules:

  • Always abide by the traffic laws, speed restrictions, and municipal ordinances.
  • Use indicators to indicate your intentions when overtaking, especially on small or busy highways.

10. Surat Tourist Attractions: 

Castle Surat (Old Fort): 

Discover the ancient Surat Castle, sometimes called the Old Fort. It was constructed in the fourteenth century by Muhammad bin Tughlaq and provided insights into Surat’s illustrious past.

Beach at Dumas: 

Dumas Beach is 21 kilometers southwest of Surat; stroll or unwind there. It’s a well-liked location for relaxing and taking in stunning sunsets.

Dumas Beach

Museum of Sardar Patel: 

Learn about Surat’s artistic, historical, and cultural legacy at the Sardar Patel Museum. There are many types of artifacts, textiles, sculptures, and texts.


Discover the ancient Dandi village, which is roughly 40 kilometers from Surat. It is significant because it was the location of Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March during the campaign for Indian independence.

Textile market in Surat: 

Enjoy some retail therapy at the famed textile market in Surat, known for its silk, cotton, and synthetic materials. Explore the lively environment and look through a range of traditional clothing.

Textile market in Surat

11. Lunawada Tourist Attractions:

Sloth Bear Sanctuary in Ratanmahal: 

Discover the nearby Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Numerous wildlife species call it home, including sloth bears, leopards, and a wide range of birds. Visit the sanctuary’s natural beauty and unique wildlife by taking a guided tour.

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary:

Another natural haven to discover around Lunawada is the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary. It provides a chance to see wildlife, take nature hikes, and take in serene settings.

Leopard at Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary 

Caves at Kadia Dungar: 

Explore the historic Kadia Dungar Caves, which are close to Lunawada. These caverns, which feature elaborate sculptures and rock-cut constructions, are significant historically and archaeologically. Discover the ancient architectural wonders while exploring the caves.

Hathni Falls: 

Visit the neighboring Hathni Waterfall in the Panchmahal district to cool off. A waterfall pours from a height in a calm environment surrounded by rich vegetation. For those who enjoy the outdoors and photography, it’s the perfect location.

Hathni Falls

Palace of Lunawada: 

Visit the Lunawada Palace to get an insight into Lunawada’s past. Despite being in ruins, the palace captures the grandeur of the past and provides a window into the area’s architectural history.

River Harnav:

Spend some time near the Lunawada-area Harnav River. Especially during the monsoon, when the surroundings come alive with lush flora, the river gives beautiful views.  

Always keep safety as your main priority when traveling. From Surat to Lunawada, bike safely, pay attention, and enjoy yourself!

People Also Ask:

What is the distance between Surat and Lunawada?

It takes about 278 kilometers to get from Surat to Lunawada by road. Please be aware that depending on the precise route followed, this mileage is only an estimate and could change slightly. For the most precise distance calculation based on the route you select, it is always suggested to consult a trustworthy navigation program or map.

What are the road conditions like on the Surat to Lunawada route for bikers?

The road conditions can be unpredictable for bikers traveling from Surat to Lunawada. There may be portions of well-maintained roads, but there may also be areas with uneven pavement or potholes. It is advised to drive cautiously and be ready for various road conditions along the way.

How long does it take to travel from Surat to Lunawada on a bike?

The amount of time it takes to ride a bike from Surat to Lunawada might change based on the state of the roads, the amount of traffic, and the rider’s speed. The distance is about 278 kilometers, so that the trip may take 5 to 7 hours.

Are there any specific routes or highways recommended for biking from Surat to Lunawada?

Some particular highways and routes are advised for bikers traveling from Surat to Lunawada. One popular way is to travel from Surat to Ankleshwar on NH48, then continue on SH63 to Rajpipla, and finally carry on to Lunawada. This route provides a nice blend of beautiful scenery and acceptable road conditions. 

Take SH6 from Surat in the direction of Bardoli, then continue on SH175 in the direction of Songadh, Rajpipla, and Lunawada. This route offers a more rural setting and passes through beautiful vistas. It is advised to choose based on your interests and the current state of the roads because both routes offer their attractions.

Are there any specific challenges or points of interest that bikers should be prepared for during the Surat to Lunawada journey?

Bikers traveling from Surat to Lunawada should be ready for unique difficulties and areas of interest. First, watch for potholes and uneven surfaces on the road because they can fluctuate. Expect some twisting roads and hilly terrain, particularly near Rajpipla and Kevadia. 

Bikers can anticipate beautiful scenery like the Narmada River and the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Having enough gasoline, water, and simple tools for quick fixes is a good idea. Keep abreast of the weather and be aware of potential traffic. Incredibly close to well-known tourist attractions like the Statue of Unity.

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