What Will Be The Bikers Bucket List?


What’s on your wish list? Is long? Short? Dear? Is it a list of goals you can achieve or a list of unrealistic aspirations that motivate you? Is it based on a theme or a collection of ideas?

If you enjoy riding motorcycles, a significant portion of your to-do list will likely center mostly on two-wheeled excursions. It’s interesting to note that, while being a motorcycle enthusiast, your wish list probably differs significantly from that of your preferred traveling buddy. People may cross many motorcycle-related things off their bucket lists, from riding on a famous track with huge adventures in a far-off jungle to tearing through salt flats at triple-digit speeds.

Here are some suggestions to help you finish your list of motorcycle fans. Some of these activities are best enjoyed alone, while others work well with a partner or small group. Please share your thoughts on this list, any omissions, and the items on your wish list after reading it.


The Bonneville Salt Flats is the only place to go in the world of motorsport if you want to go straight and fast (the record speed we’re talking about). The Salt Flats, as they are commonly known, is situated along Interstate 80 in northwest Utah and hold a certain allure. Since more than a century ago, speed lovers have been drawn to Bonneville Speedway’s flat, saline, rough landscape, a natural wonder, and popular tourist destination. There, world records are broken, and aspirations are realized. The Salt Flats are renowned worldwide as the location to visit if you want to leave your mark on the history of speed. A mysterious New Zealander named Burt Monroe and his 1920 Indian Scout visited the Flats in the 1960s when he established three records, including one at 67 years old, that is still valid today. The good news is that there are many competitions, like Speed Week and the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, if you’re set on breaking the land speed record. Better yet, there are many divisions and classes, allowing you to adopt a strategic mindset and aim for a record that is doable (make sure your motorcycle tires are up to snuff). The bad news is that because this is an entirely natural “drag strip,” weather, track, and environmental circumstances don’t always cooperate and can lead to events being postponed year after year.


The desire to ride a Harley-Davidson has long existed for many people. Some individuals don’t want to spend the money necessary to own one; instead, they prefer to swing a leg over the seat, crank up the 45-degree V-twin engine, and listen to the recognizable “daddy-daddy-daddy” sound emanate from the exhaust pipes as the vehicle travels down the road. You can ride a Harley regardless of where you are or where you are going as long as there is a clear road. Get lost, make new friends, travel the country, or spend an evening riding and having fun with other Harley enthusiasts—for some, a day spent riding a Harley is all they need to feel content and ready to take on the world. More Harley rentals are available domestically and abroad, so getting an H-D seat doesn’t require taking out a second mortgage on your home or depleting your retirement savings.


If you plan to rent a Harley instead of buying one, you can also take advantage of your limited time with the Hog and visit the Mecca of all motorcycle rallies. What are you waiting for if you have a Harley and haven’t made the trip? The Sturgis Rally, Black Hills Motor Classic, Black Hills Rally, or simply Sturgis; It doesn’t matter if you drive a Harley. This is THE rally every motorcyclist should take part in at least once. Sturgis is the most popular motorcycle rally in the United States, if not the world, and for many good reasons: it’s been around for a long time; 2017 marks the 77th anniversary. There are miles and miles of fantastic roads like the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway, Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, Spearfish Canyon, Badlands, and more. The area is rich in history and landmarks such as Devils Tower, Town of Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park, Wall Drug Store, etc. There’s also nightlife, shows, people watching and motorbikes. Motorcycles, motorcycles!

Ok, we said every motorcyclist should attend the Sturgis rally at least once. Still, in reality, you should return to Sturgis off-season (but not in winter, unless you have heated riding gear and you like to ride on snow) because the ride is so spectacular it’s almost impossible to enjoy it when hundreds of thousands of cyclists try to do the same.


It’s fall, not spring or summer when you often see the most motorcycles on the road. In addition to the more comfortable and biking-friendly temperatures, it’s all about the colors, man, the colors! Though we don’t often see it here in California (especially in Southern California), traveling along the East Coast when the leaves begin to change may be a profoundly transformative experience. You can find remarkable inner calm and get mentally ready for winter hibernation by taking a leisurely motorbike ride down a lonely country road surrounded by varied colors of red, brown, orange, and green.


We all want to think that we are excellent riders, but the truth is that 99% of us couldn’t smell a MotoGP rider’s exhaust on a quick one-on-one lap. You might imagine that you are hammering the straights in your thoughts and nailing every corner. But unless you drive in the backseat of a real pro who can slice and cut a racetrack with the speed and accuracy of a top chef, you never realize how sluggish you are. You might learn a thing or two about enhancing your driving abilities from a high-speed, first-hand perspective while peering over the shoulder of a professional racer as he turns a bend with his motorbike helmet inches off the ground, aside from raising your blood pressure to the roof.


“The sound of motorcycles fills the hills.” Even if you’re not a lover of musicals, there’s nothing more relaxing to hear than the hum of your motorcycle as you cruise along the road while taking in the stunning Alps of Austria and Germany. When you go with Edelweiss Bike Travel, you may ride the bike of your choice through verdant valleys ringed by crystal-clear lakes and 10,000-foot mountain climbs. Eating schnitzel and sipping the best local beers with your group while reminiscing about the day’s highlights is almost better than horseback riding.

Blue Ridge Parkway/Tail: Dragon’s Appalachian Mountains

We have the Apps, or Appalachia, while Europe may have the Alps. So if staying in the US appeals to you, but you still want to go on a winding mountain trip with breathtaking views, go to Appalachia and the Smokey Mountains. The Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) and the Tail of the Dragon are two of the most well-known roads for motorcycle riders located in these two locations (TOTD).

The Blue Ridge Parkway, a 470-mile-long National Scenic Byway, and All-American Road traverse North Carolina and Virginia. Bikers are drawn to the BRP by distant valley views, lush forest cover, and meandering mountains, to name just a few sights. Red lights, billboards, and other unpleasant distractions are not there. Since the speed limit for most of the walk is 45 mph, boating is not only permitted but is also required.

The Dragon’s Tail starts at Deals Gap on the Tennessee-North Carolina border and travels through Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Why do bikers frequent this section of US 129 so much? because an 11-mile section of it contains 318 motorcycle riders’ favorite things. Specifically, baby curves! That’s true; in less than ten miles, there are more than 300 switchbacks at various angles. If it were ever possible to mount a motorcycle on a roller coaster, this would be it. It would be best if you were concerned about impending traffic even when no connecting roads exist. Leave the sightseeing and photo-taking to Killboy; the Dragon needs all of your focus on this road. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a worse scenario, and your bike might wind up in the Tree of Shame.

The good news is that 650 miles of the nation’s most picturesque terrain can be covered in one giant loop in about three days, hitting both BRP and TOTD. If you have trouble holding the camera steady, you might need to add an extra day or two because you’ll need to pause frequently to take all the photographs.


The Will Rogers Highway and The Mother Road are alternate names for Route 66. Route 66 has become a famous landmark in American history since it was first constructed in 1926 as the primary route for Midwestern drivers traveling to the West Coast in search of sun and opportunity. The original route, which started in Chicago, Illinois, in the east and ended in Santa Monica, California, in the west, was approximately 2,500 miles long and passed through eight different states. Unfortunately, when the original road was taken apart, numerous sections were rerouted or had their signage altered. Although it might require some rerouting and map research to follow the original route, you can still hike from east to west or vice versa. You may still go through little communities, take in many spectacular sites, and get a real sense of what Central America is like despite the significant infrastructure and building projects that have been added since it was first established.


The Great River Road (GRR) offers travelers another cross-section of Central America, crossing the great Mississippi from north to south as Route 66 traverses the United States from east to west. The GRR covers over 2,000 miles from the Minnesota-Louisiana border with Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Much of the GRR from Minnesota to Arkansas, a collection of state and county highways, has been named a National Scenic Byway. You can travel up or down the Old Man River by adhering to the green and white trail signage. The journey might be completed roughly 36 hours, so why push it? Set aside four days and explore the area; try your luck at a riverboat casino; and take in the various tiny towns and grills.


A journey down the 30,000-mile Pan American Highway (PAH) is for you if you’re looking for punishment. However, there are a few things you might want to do before you begin packing your motorcycle luggage. First of all, considering that the record for the quickest motorbike ride is 34 days, you might want to make sure you have ample vacation time—we’re talking more than a month. Additionally, you should review your Spanish and French. You’ll pass through Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Alaska, and the lower 48 states. The PAH comprises official and unauthorized highways, offering you a choice of routes in some areas. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, marks the northern beginning, and Ushuaia, Argentina, marks the southern conclusion. You’ll need all-season clothing to withstand every weather and terrain imaginable, from ice roads, lush woods, and 10,000-foot peaks to hot deserts and dense rainforests. Packing for this trip will be a challenge in and of itself. Since there are periods of more than 200 miles without services, managing your fuel will also be a challenge. As a result, you should equip your bike with a full-size gas tank and bring a few fuel packs. It’s also crucial to become knowledgeable about the Darien Gap. Although only 60 miles wide, this rugged stretch of road is full of rivers, bogs, and swamps and is not recommended for weak-willed travelers. Less anxious and more relaxed crossing.

These are the top ten motorcycles on our bucket list—comment below with your opinions on both this list and your own.

People Also Ask:

How can I become a perfect biker?

  • Good bikers ride safely.
  • On-the-go sound awareness.
  • Be spontaneous
  • Be aware of your abilities.
  • Pay attention to other runners.
  • Know the technical aspects.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Protect yourself and your vehicle.

How can I make my motorcycle fun?

Why Ladakh is famous for bikers?

For such people, a biking trip in Ladakh will be delightful and satisfying. Descending roads as wide as a truck, in some places with high cliffs on one side and a deep ditch on the other, is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

What are the things to carry while riding a bike?

Don’t forget these essentials!

  • A good quality helmet.
  • Buy the proper equipment for riding.
  • Instead, get yourself a suitable luggage system.
  • Buy a bike GPS.
  • Carry spare parts and essential tools.
  • Bring a spare key.
  • Bring all documents and accessories.
  • Pack luggage covers and a light raincoat.