Why Are Bikers Called Squids

A Motorcycle Squid: What Is It?

People start riding motorcycles for a variety of unique reasons. Some people use them for essential transit, while others for sport or pleasant excursions. No matter what kind of motorcyclist you are, you should know the significance of good roadside manners. Once you get on the bike, you must stay alert to your surroundings and treat other riders respectfully. However, there are indeed some rough riders. You’re correct, thugs. Although it may not be polite to say so, it is accurate that these reckless riders put not only their own lives but also the lives of everyone else on the road at risk with their actions. Squids is the moniker given to these bikers.

A Motorcycle Squid: What Exactly Is It?

If the word “squid” sounds foolish, it typically means the person is either goofy, stupid, or both. Any person who acts like a moron or dresses poorly for riding a motorcycle is known as a “motorcycle squid.” For instance, imagine you’re driving down the street, and you spot a person doing a wheelie on their bike while wearing only swimwear and no shoes. That is a squid, then. In reality, YouTube has many videos of “squids” acting silly for the camera.

These motorcyclists disregard their health and safety and the safety of other bikers and drivers, as seen in this and other squid videos. These squibs frequently ride without a helmet and blatantly refuse to wear safety equipment. Additionally, many people think it’s “cool” to wear shorts and no shirt. The acts of these careless riders make no sense. One can only assume that they’ve had years of fantasies about riding a motorcycle and pulling off risky stunts for onlookers to “ooh and ahhh” over. Because of this, it’s a good idea to understand squids before shopping for a motorcycle of any make or model to avoid turning into one yourself.

Where Did the Name “Squid” Originate?

Nobody knows where the word “squid” first appeared. There are, however, a few excellent educated estimates. The most reasonable hypothesis is that the term originated in the surfing world, where it was used to describe how novice surfers “squirreled” or wriggled in the sea. These new surfers looked like squids as they mastered controlling the board and the waves. Motorcyclists allegedly started using this phrase to characterize new riders as they learned to control their bikes on race tracks. Stupid, Quick, Underdressed, Imminently Dead is an acronym created by responsible motorcyclists that exactly describes what squids are. This is a fascinating side point.

Is it anyone’s business how I handle a motorcycle?


Some people believe their motorcycle riding habits are solely their responsibility and no one else’s. If this is the squid’s excuse for riding a bike like an idiot, it is pretty weak and self-serving. When you get on your bike and start riding, what you make impacts everyone else on the road, any foolishness you engage in could result in severe harm or perhaps death to others.

Not only that. You’re going to get a lot of bad vibes from bikers. After all, you’re damaging the reputation of law-abiding riders. Drivers and pedestrians may assume that all bikers are squids when they see one on the road. Squids appear to be invincible. However, this is not the case. Whenever you’re driving, anything can happen. For instance, you could be driving down a deserted road, believing everything is OK, suddenly a stray dog rushes into your path, causing you to crash, or a drunk driver suddenly directs their vehicle at you. You never have complete control over your bike or any potential situations when you’re riding.

How Can You Tell If You’re a Squid or Someone Else Is One?

There may be other factors to consider other than acting rudely while riding a bike. Consider a scenario in which you recently received your brother’s bike and are extremely novice to biking. You don’t receive any explanations, and you have no notion about appropriate riding techniques or protective gear. Because of your stupidity, this could cause you to turn into a squid. Because of this, all new riders must understand as much as they can before riding. Here are a few simple indicators to aid with squid identification:

  • Rides without safety equipment
  • The age range
  • Goes too quickly
  • Demonstrates motorbike “tricks” on busy streets
  • A display of arrogance or contempt for other vehicles

How to Avoid Being a Squid


Squids might be a little tone deaf when it comes to their behavior. Although the rest of the motorcycling community thinks they are stupid, they think they are incredible. Nobody is aware of the reason why squids are unable to recognize their true selves. It is sufficient to mention that squids harm themselves and others. Thus it is wise to avoid becoming one. Learn to ride your bike carefully to prevent acting like a squid. Get a motorbike license and take a course on them, for heavens’ sake. Be courteous to drivers and other bikers on the road.

Next, look into motorcycle safety equipment. ATGATT, which stands for All The Gear, All The Time, is a helpful acronym for bikers that you should be familiar with. Even for brief runs, this holds. Since one never knows what might occur, protection is essential. Motorcycle protective equipment consists of:

  • Helmet
  • Riding vest
  • Biking shorts
  • Riding gear
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Body armor
  • Joint guards
  • Goggles

Three Various Motorcycle Squid


1. The Young Motorcyclist

Although this sort of squid can also consist of experienced riders, the new rider is typically a young biker, and we have all been this person at some point. We complete a half-day of basic training, receive our license, and then hit the road like Vikings on wheels, hooligans determined to terrorize the locals and plunder the nearby towns.

This squid is typically not outfitted properly and is frequently seen wearing a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and sneakers.

Although most of us were guilty of those above when we first obtained our bikes, as wiser and more experienced motorcyclists, we now impart our knowledge to new riders in the hopes that they will restrain their newly discovered freedom and ride responsibly. At least until they have a certain amount of miles on them.

They won’t likely listen, though, like we didn’t at their age.

2. The Squid Rider, Naked

Today, naked bikes are the most popular type of motorcycle. They have a more comfortable riding position while providing power to the top sports bikes.

Most owners of naked motorcycles desire vehicles they can use for weekday commuting and weekend track days, which is where these bikes excel.

However, the torque is everything for the motorcycle squid riding naked, and they may be easily identified because they love to ride with their front wheel pointed upward.

3. Squid on a Sport Bike

Even though they always wear safety equipment, squid bikers view all roads as part of the Isle of Man TT course.
To be clear, there is no excuse for not wearing full leather when operating a high-performance liter bike.

But remove the knee sliders when riding on the street; they are meant for the racetrack.

Either you’re indeed bending your knee, in which case you’re traveling at a pace that is hazardous for using public roadways, or

Or you may have taken an angle grinder to your sliders to establish your credibility and wear them while posing at your neighborhood Costa with the other Quartararo imitators. You become a sports bike squid anyway.

Why Are Bikers Called Squids


Motorcycle riders do 25 things that turn them into squids without even realizing it.

Nobody is sure where certain words from the biker culture originated. They have existed for so long that people accept and use them. The word “squid” initially originated in surfing before spreading to other fields, such as motorcycles. It began as “squirrely youngster” but was ultimately abbreviated to “squid.” Although it is utilized elsewhere, motorcycle culture has truly advanced it.

To put it simply, a squid is a motorcycle enthusiast who has no idea what he’s doing. He can make actions that are not just foolish but also quite dangerous, have a bike that looks terrible and be a genuinely terrible driver. In fact, among bikers who dispute one another’s qualities, the term “squid” has become an insult, and everyone tries to avoid it.

The hard part is that most squids are unaware of their status. People tend to ignore their shortcomings, and like the rest of us, bikers can have an exaggerated sense of their abilities. Many of that is caused by their lack of expertise or experience with their bikes. It can be haughtiness or how too many people use their bike more like a fashion accessory than a means of transportation. Their attitudes and the numerous things they do irritate everyone around them.

Here are 25 actions taken by motorcyclists that turn them into squids that they are unaware of.

1.Taking a Ride Without a Helmet

Although this should be obvious, it’s incredible how many motorcyclists still do it. A helmet should be a no-brainer given the high number of injuries and fatalities caused by motorcycle crashes. However, a large number of motorcyclists insist on wearing none at all. It’s familiar with some crews, who believe it makes them look more rigid and better at riding bikes. This demonstrates how utterly naive they are, as even the most skilled riders are susceptible to mishaps. Not wearing one reveals your squid status rather than your macho biker persona.

2. Regular Throttling

Another instance of something that too many bikers consider cool. It frequently occurs at a stop light when other automobiles are all around them. It might still happen even when a person is riding alone on a peaceful road. The motorcyclist has an irrational want to accelerate quickly. Most of the time, it’s just to show off the bike, and every squid finds it impressive. Of course, the truth is that it merely irritates those around them and places unnecessary strain on the bike, which may result in long-term harm. Another thing that squids mistakenly believe to be “cool” is this.

3. The fur on a Bike

Some riders find this to be an unpleasant trend. The whole fur debate is sensitive because, while it occasionally looks terrific, there are apparent issues for animal advocates. Many bikes have furs or skins used as seat covers or simple decorations. While some riders feel the fur looks amazing, others feel it’s more comfortable for longer rides. There isn’t. It makes the bike look cheap and amateurish and makes it a laughingstock. Even the most excellent bikes look unbelievably lame with some of these skins, and few professional riders believe fur to be a required ornament.

4. Not Being Aware of the Tool Kit

An everyday occurrence for mechanics at motorcycle shops is when clients complain about a specific damaged item on their bikes. The reaction is typically a blank expression when asked why they couldn’t fix it with the tools they already had. As unbelievable as it may sound, some bike owners are unaware that the bike frequently comes with a tool kit, usually located on the body or the back. Despite being so simple to use, it is either disregarded or not even known about. Because of this, riders are compelled to spend much more money than necessary on simple maintenance. This is one of the best examples of a squid in mechanics.

5. Critiquing Motorcycles You’ve Never Ridden

Every biker loves their vehicle and will go to great lengths to protect it and their brand, even if that means disparaging other brands, which is sometimes also understandable. But criticizing a bike you’ve tried and didn’t like is one thing; criticizing a brand you’ve never ridden before is quite another. Squids seem to go out of their way to disparage a bike they’ve never tried, but it happens frequently. Without ever riding a Yahama or Suzuki, Harley riders will act like they are on a whole other level of exclusivity. The owners of those motorcycles will also wreck a Harley they have never even sat on. Being an obvious squid is easy when you try to present yourself as an “expert” on a subject you’ve never used.

6. Complete Lack of Sense in Bike Seating

Even those who have never operated a motorcycle drive them with more incredible skill than some squids. Riders relaxing on their bikes as though they were in the driveway rather than the middle of the road are standard. While some will be slumped over as if they were operating a light bike from Tron, some riders will lean too far back. This can be dangerous if the bike hits a rough place and skids out, making them look like squids. Demonstrating how some riders don’t even know how to sit on a bike correctly is risky and unpleasant.

7. Harley logos on non-Harley motorcycles

The most renowned biker brand is Harley-Davidson. Even people who are not motorcycle enthusiasts are aware of the renowned brand and how they provide some of the finest vintage bikes available. Seeing someone riding a Harley and showing off their decals and stickers can be entertaining. But picture seeing someone riding a Yamaha or a Kawasaki with a Harley decal on their bike. Amazingly, some squids perform this and believe it’s cool, oblivious to the scene’s absurdity. If you own a Harley, that’s great, but don’t act as though an utterly unrelated bike is deserving of the iconic moniker.

8. Holder for cups

Bikers need to refuel while on the road. Although it can be challenging, most bikers keep a small pocket or backpack with a thermos nearby to use for drinking. However, cup holders on the handlebars or frames are another matter. It can be challenging to keep the bottle or can in the cupholder while driving; it just looks weird. Additionally, it may be a distraction because the contents may spill out if the road is terrible or you’re moving quickly. While drinking while driving is a good idea, cup holders belong in cars, not on motorcycles.

9. Tires for Racing Without Racing

This also happens to automobile owners, who will spend money on fancy tires even if they drive in the city. When purchasing costly and large race tires for their bikes, bike owners can do the same, which is OK if you’re going to a motocross rally. It can look utterly ludicrous if all one is doing is riding the bike a mile to the store. It’s significant financial waste and puts the bike under unnecessary stress. Another squid maneuver that the driver believes looks good but makes them seem bad is this one.

10. Your bike is inadequate.

Let’s face it; not all bikers are known for having excellent physical fitness. The cliché of the man with a prominent stomach riding a bike does exist, and some riders are wise enough to choose a bike that can accommodate their weight. But many people may purchase a too-tiny bike despite their obvious bodily limitations. With someone pulling 300 pounds on what appears to be a little scooter, the outcome might be absurd. Some riders may even be genuinely perplexed as to why their bike isn’t operating effectively, unaware of the weight burden they’ve placed on it. Choose a different model if you are too large for the bike.

11. You love social media.

Even if this is a recent phenomenon, squids must take note. Social media has become very popular among bikers due to the many internet platforms. This indicates that many take pride in flaunting their bikes, which is OK. But some go above and beyond, frequently driving in bizarre ways only to capture a silly selfie that will earn many likes online. A common sight on the road is a biker taking a picture while disregarding the flow of traffic, which is dangerous. It’s a classic squid move to use your bike as your social media emphasis to the extent that you put other people in danger.

12. You Have No Experience

Thinking things will be simple is the single largest error novice motorcycle riders frequently make. It makes sense that you should be well-versed in its handling before riding a bike. However, many bikers assume that knowing which lever to use for ten minutes will be sufficient to manage any situation. “Track day riders” are a subclass of squids that only ride their bikes sometimes but boast extensive knowledge. So many squids greatly overrate their biking prowess, many of them to their ultimate detriment.

13. Putting the Kickstand Right

Kickstands for motorcycles might be challenging because every model has a different kind. Some require a solid kick to lock down properly, and weight issues can also impair kickstands. But it’s impressive how many squids fail to check that the stand is positioned correctly. A squid will lean on a bike to take a selfie or just because it looks cool, and then it will tumble over, much to the amusement of other riders. They commit the incredible error of setting the stand down in a puddle or even a mound of muck. It’s simple to tell if you’re a squid if you can’t park your bike correctly.

14. Donning Numbers Despite Not Being a Racer

Bikers like to picture themselves as competitive racers. Fair enough, many bikers compete in races and perform well. But many squids hardly know how to ride their bikes, much less race them seriously. Despite this, they still choose to wear jackets or shirts with racing numbers on the back or even the front. They must believe it looks great and makes any highway journey exciting. They merely come off as ridiculous and amusing as a result. Motorcycle riders should steer clear of racing numbers unless competing on a track.

15. You Don’t Understand Mods

When you’re an expert, tinkering with your bike is perfectly acceptable. However, a large number of squids lack expertise and will take actions that are shockingly awful for a bike. To enhance speed, one of them is to remove the gas bolt. The front brakes can also be removed, which is quite risky. Additionally, it’s a bad idea to neglect to grease the chains, overload your batteries with neon, or even take the mirrors off to “lower drag.” Stories about the ridiculous things squids do to their bikes that cause more harm than good are familiar at repair shops.

16. Riding in Sandals

How they dress is one of the main ways to recognize a squid. For bikers, long pants are not only on-trend but also a wise form of harm prevention. Boots help absorb the stresses of riding a motorcycle. However, squids frequently believe that a light shirt, sandals, and shorts make the ideal biking outfit. It would help if you didn’t ride in only sandals since you risk cutting your toes. Health dangers are associated with too much skin exposure to the outdoors. Despite what squids may assume, motorcyclists have a clothing code that goes beyond aesthetics.

17. You Take Pride in Wrecks

Another common practice among bikers that combines annoyance and outright foolishness is this one. Nobody wants to get in a collision, but some motorcyclists wear them as a badge of honor to demonstrate their toughness. Squids tend to go overboard by acting as though they have been involved in several accidents to demonstrate their superiority. This disregards the idea that you’re just not a competent rider if you’re getting into that many collisions. However, the squids will boast about their accidents to everyone while keeping their insurance company in the dark. It doesn’t make you a great motorcyclist to boast about significant accidents.

18. Using Decals to Hide Scratches

Squids have an odd propensity for neglecting to maintain their motorcycles frequently. Nobody knows why, but squids tend to ignore some evident problems and opt for the DIY route more than typical bikers, but the truth remains that they don’t maintain their vehicles. How many decals a squid has on their bike is an easy way to identify them. These are frequently used to hide scuffs or even complete chassis holes. Their bike needs to be taken to the repair more often the more decals there are. It is an example of how squids believe a quick fix can restore a bike to its original condition.

19. Backfiring on Intention

Backfires are a common problem for both cars and motorbikes. They frequently indicate an engine problem and might occur suddenly. Therefore, deliberately trying to have your bike backfire is an idiotic thing to do. Even “how to” instructions for squids are available online. They believe it demonstrates the engine’s power and enjoys frightening other people. This causes severe engine problems and may permanently harm the bike. Another thing squids believe makes them appear impressive but is incredibly bothersome.

20. Wheelies Without Cause

Squids are more likely than other motorcyclists to engage in insane stunts for no apparent reason. Some bikers seem to believe they are prepared for a Fast and Furious movie when they get behind the handlebars. As a result, you’ll see squids unexpectedly pulling wheelies on a conventional highway. Likewise, they frequently attempt “ramp jumps” and turn into curves and curbs at high speeds. These frequently result in wipeouts, demonstrating how risky these showboating techniques are for the motorcyclist and anyone nearby. Wheelies and other moves shouldn’t be attempted unless you’re well-trained.

21. The Bike’s Half Is Carbon Fiber

Concentrating on carbon fiber stands out as pure “squid” more than anything else. They argue that the maneuver lightens the bike’s load and accelerates motion. They merely say it looks fantastic. It makes their bike appear no different from any other squid’s bike on the market. Additionally, the cost of disassembling the bike and replacing it with carbon doesn’t pay for future repairs made of less expensive material. Additionally, it hardly makes any difference in lightening the bike’s weight. Too many squids mistakenly believe that carbon fiber is the hallmark of a great rider in biking.

22. Displaying the Alarm

This falls under the “really obnoxious” category. Although they are less prevalent than automobile alarms, bike alarms do exist. Squids frequently need to flaunt their alarm because they believe it to be one of the bike’s most fantastic features. This includes simply setting it off while seated in a parking lot or driving. Even “specialist” sirens will be used to announce their squidliness. The fact is that no one wants to hear an alarm constantly. Thus this nasty habit needs to be stopped.

23. Purchasing cheap goods

No one wants to spend more money on a bike than necessary. But regarding repairs, squids can take cheapness to entirely new heights. They’ll get the lowest tires they can find, even if they don’t fit their bike. They won’t properly care for the headlights, windshield, or other essential bike parts and instead will purchase a new chain that breaks after only a few weeks. Squids often choose inexpensive materials for their modifications, which detracts from the overall aesthetics of their bikes. A cheap bike is noticeable and speaks poorly of its owner.

24. Hard Rain While Riding

This decision is not just bothersome but also foolish. Dealing with bad weather is the main drawback of being a biker. A shrewd biker will drive into the closest café or store to wait out any storm whenever there are ominous clouds in the sky. Squids, however, will believe they may pass through as though nothing is wrong. An accident riding a motorcycle in a heavy downpour is unavoidable due to the slippery road and reduced visibility. While any real rider is clever enough to stay dry, some squids believe riding in the rain demonstrates their talent and toughness.

25. Tacky Wraps and Colors

Sometimes, it’s pretty simple to identify a squid; the easiest method is to assess the appearance of its bike. Some very skilled riders can make blunders with their bike’s color or some of its ornamentation. Squids, however, somehow raise the bar. They’ll pick the most garish and vibrant colors imaginable, which draw attention to them for all the wrong reasons. In addition, they’ll choose vinyl wraps, a design choice that makes real bikers roll their eyes. Additionally, it’s a standard error for female bikers to choose very “girly” colors, which feeds preconceptions. The one error squids cannot avoid a poor color job.

People Also Ask:

Why are bikers called squids?

In essence, a squid forgets how deadly motorbikes may be because they are so preoccupied with the notion and appearance of riding one.

What does the nickname squid mean?

An incompetent person, especially in a sport or activity. Like a squid, he rode.

What is a street squid?

Squid riders typically have a reckless and rash driving style. Despite their lack of experience, they attempt tricks and wheelies in heavy traffic zones or on other roads. They frequently try to pass other bikers, sometimes even through blind corners.

What is a slang word for motorcycle?

A ride, sled, beast, the old lady, sweetheart, my beloved, that Broken Down Old Piece of, etc., are all reasonable terms for practically any motorcycle.

What do you call a large group of bikers?

A collection of people focusing their activities and primary interests on bikes is known as a motorcycle club. A motorcycle group can consist of bikers who own the same vehicle model, such as the Harley Owners Group, or groups with different models.

Why are GSXR riders called squids?

It is the most popular bike, to put it simply. Additionally, a greater variety of riders come along with popularity. From your most squidgy squids to your hard-core track junkies—since it’s the bike with the most straightforward access to repair parts. Squids will always exist, regardless of the brand, but because Suzuki is so well-known, you tend to see more of them.

ATGATT vs squid

ATGATT. All the equipment, always. That is what ATGATT stands for, and it is more of a mindset than a specification of what constitutes appropriate equipment—it is about being ready for the crash, not just for the ride. A squid thinks that only other people experience bad events.

Do all motorcyclists end up going down?

Even while riding defensively, luck cannot always be on your side. Something else will inevitably hurt you if another driver doesn’t cut you off or pull out in front of you.
A snapped chain or another fault, a damp drain cover, some wet leaves, a loose dog beneath the wheel, a bird in your face, or other hazards are all out to ruin your riding career at least once.
Avoiding riding with motorbike squids is one way to lessen your risk of sliding over the asphalt. Let someone go if they are pushing themselves more than you are comfortable with. It’s time to locate a more experienced riding partner or ride alone if they’re doing wheelies in congested locations or speeding by the neighborhood school at 50 mph.