Why Bikers Use Royal Enfield For Roadtrips?

Why is the Royal Enfield the best motorcycle for a cross-country journey on two wheels? “


The post-war design of the Royal Enfield makes it one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers. The bike’s tanks, headlights, paintwork color, and saddles are all painstakingly crafted, giving it incredible charm and personality. The Bullet 500 is the brand’s vintage icon; its simple, classic style never fails to leave an impression.


Because of its origins in military service, the Royal Enfield retains almost none of the features that made it popular with soldiers. Its famous single-cylinder engine isn’t the most powerful, but it’s perfect for 1000-mile motorcycle tours and taking in the sights.


The broad saddle and handlebars foster a natural, upright posture. The bike is a joy to ride even over long distances because of the effective suspension that can resist any terrain. A Royal Enfield tour is, without a doubt, a guarantee of an incredible, genuine motorcycling experience.

Although not everyone enjoys riding their bikes on road trips, they can be exciting, especially when accompanied by friends, and there is no doubt that Royal Enfield has established itself as one of India’s hottest and most popular choices for the go-to bike brand for road trips.

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Bike fans, keep reading to find out why Royal Enfield is the best option:


IMAGE SOURCE: Royalenfield.com

The Answer:

1.They Are Cheaper Than You Think

Used Royal Enfield motorcycles can be found at the lowest prices on CredR, regardless of the model you’re looking for. Each bike goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before being listed for sale on CredR, so you can rest assured that it will hold up well on your next cross-country adventure.

2. Offers the Highest Level of Relaxation

The Royal Enfield Bullet’s seats have been upgraded with extra padding for the rider and pillion, are made of soft material, and come with a three-year warranty. They can also be removed and replaced manually whenever necessary, and the entire process takes no more than 10 minutes.
Not only does the 5-speed transmission provide a relaxing ride, but the pillion seat is stepped higher than the rider’s seat to provide extra support, which is especially helpful on longer rides.

3. Provides Superb Support

With CredR, you can rest assured that every Royal Enfield motorcycle you purchase has passed all quality checks so that you can hit the road with confidence. The bike also has a long lifespan, a 3-year warranty covering parts, and a low-maintenance design that will save you money.

4. Exhibit your penchant for the last century’s fashion

The Bullet’s design has become iconic over time so that a Royal Enfield can be spotted from a distance on any road. In short, the Royal Enfield motorcycle has everything you might want in a motorcycle: classic good looks, straightforward functionality, and a comfortable ride.

5. Made for Exploration

Royal Enfield motorcycles were initially developed for use in the army, so they are lightweight while still providing excellent performance; today, the bikes can travel between 35 and 45 kilometers on a single gas tank. They also feature reliable single-cylinder engines and versatile transmissions that have made the brand famous.

6. Highly customizable to fit your needs,

The good news for the adventurer is that the traditional Royal Enfield may be tailored to your preferences. If you buy one used, you can be pleasantly surprised to find that it has been upgraded with many nice touches and tonnes of valuable extras.

7. Customer care oriented

People are always down to have a good time with what’s happening through the brand’s social media handles or the massive events they organize (even internationally!). This interaction also fosters customer loyalty and dependability. We love companies that go out of their way to please their customers, and this brand certainly fits that bill.

8. It saves money and fuel.

Compared to cars, motorcycles have more outstanding gas mileage. Lack of air conditioning, low maintenance requirements, and straightforward repairs are just a few elements that help save money and gasoline. Any nearby mechanic can assist you in getting your bike back on two wheels, even if you break down in the middle of the road or at a remote location. Nothing can go wrong when you have a Royal Enfield by your side.

Every Royal Enfield owner has had enough of these nine things.


IMAGE SOURCE: Royalenfield.com

Unquestionably, Royal Enfield is a motorbike cult. In India, Bullet has a sizable fan base, and you may frequently witness one or more fanboys driving a Bullet in crowded streets! Who cares if it doesn’t have the fuel economy you’d expect from a two-wheeler? All bullet owners take satisfaction in riding their vehicles because it enables them to avoid various difficulties, efficiency being one of them. In addition to those that ride it, other people don’t! Owners of Royal Enfields have heard a variety of things. Here are eight clichés about Royal Enfields that every owner may relate to!

1.The earlier Bullets were better.

The next time someone says, “Older Bullets were better,” be sure to question how old they’re referring to! In 1901, the first Royal Enfield motorcycle was created in London. In India, RE first appeared around 1955. The performance of motorcycles has undoubtedly improved. Maybe the new Bullets haven’t been tried by those who think the older ones are better! The new RE Bullets continue to rule the world of bikers even though old is gold!

2. Bulletproof and Reliable

The idea that Royal Enfield motorcycles are unreliable is another widespread misconception! Every machine is dependable when appropriately utilized, at least in dependability. Most RE owners will tell you that some parts don’t survive very long, but if you’re a member of the ecosystem, you’ll come to know your bike very well. You are aware of how each component functions. Therefore, as the owner, you may have it repaired or serviced right away before it causes you any further issues!

3. What is the spectrum?

Although Maruti Suzuki vehicles are the most efficient, they fall short in many other respects. The ownership experience of a Bullet is rewarding in and of itself, so you might not worry about the gasoline if you have one. For those still unsure of the question “Kitna Deti Hai,” a RE Classic can deliver 30-35kmpl, which is almost half what a Hero Splendor can!

4. Have you ever been to Spiti or Ladakh?


IMAGE SOURCE: Royalenfield.com

Every owner of a Bullet has probably heard this at least once in their
ownership! Do you even possess a Bullet if you haven’t taken a road trip to Ladakh? Almost all Bullet owners have been to the mountains or intend to go there, while it is unnecessary. The enjoyment of riding a Royal Enfield in the mountains cannot be disputed. The same road trip, meanwhile, might be annoying if you have to search for gas stations out in the middle of nowhere. Your choice is entirely up to you. Additional possibilities might make the trip unforgettable, even though the RE is advertised as the best bike for a road trip to the mountains!

5. Only the real gentlemen should ride a Royal Enfield!

One of the most widespread misconceptions about Royal Enfield is that certain personality types are required to acquire a Bullet. This is just untrue! Anyone can purchase or ride anything! Yes, the audience for Bullet is primarily made up of men. Does this imply that female cult members are prohibited? Not! Owning a Bullet does not need you to be a manly man. All you require is the ambition to own and ride a RE one day!

6. It is limited to 80 km/h in speed.

It can, indeed! Without a doubt, it can. On a Bullet, you can travel beyond 80 kph, but only if you are an expert operator. Given that RE is a large, heavy piece of metal, not everyone can handle it at high speeds, and this is the case.

Furthermore, it is challenging to push a Bullet at high speeds due to the weight. Who needs high speeds when riding a Bullet, you could ask? The best REs are the slow ones. This is not a KTM or Yamaha made exclusively for racing! The best way to ride a RE is slowly and steadily.

7. The kick reacts strongly.

The first of the misconceptions about Royal Enfield is true—it has a significant kickback. But do you own a Bullet if you use the self-start function? You’ll never see a RE owner use the self-start to start their bike’s engine, even though the kick kicks back strongly! Maybe they’ll get the right “Kick” if they kick the bike!

8. You ought to have gotten a Duke 390.

No matter how much you adore Bullet, not everyone does. There will always be people who would argue that the product you choose is inferior to the one available. The answer is simple to understand. Everything depends on you! Because their engine specifications are so similar, comparing RE to KTM is like comparing a sports car to an off-road vehicle. That is not what you do! The target markets for RE and KTM are different!

9. Do you want to sell it?


IMAGE SOURCE: Royalenfield.com

You can get a Bullet for yourself at the shop pictured above! Stop asking for your friends’ creative works. It is uncommon to encounter a RE owner who wants to sell their priceless treasure. You can search for a used bike via dealerships if buying a new RE is out of your price range. Change your approach if you still want your friend’s Bullet. You already know what will happen to the one he now owns if he insists on purchasing one updated RE for himself!

These are the top nine misconceptions or remarks about Royal Enfields that every owner encounters daily. Do you count among those who have experienced this? Please let your friends know that as these nine are getting too old, they must now look for other work!

People Also Ask:

Is Royal Enfield good for long distance?

Yes. With that, you can take it wherever you want. You won’t get hot while riding, get tired, or retire.

Why are bullets used for long drives?

1.Low maintenance cost; however, periodic maintenance is required.

2. Compared to contemporary RE models with 350cc engines, comfortable.

What is so special about Royal Enfield?

The Royal Enfield boasts an all-metal construction with very few plastic parts (except for the Himalayan) and can withstand decades of use if properly maintained.

Which is the best bike for road trip?

  1. Avenger Cruise 220 by Bajaj.
  2. Duke 390 KTM.
  3. Thunderbird 350 by Royal Enfield.
  4. SuperLow Harley-Davidson
  5. Dominar 400 by Bajaj.
  6. Himalayan Royal Enfield.
  7. Perak, Jawa.
  8. Interceptor 650 by Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield Himalayan on road price in India

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is priced between Rs. 2.14 Lakh and Rs. 2.22 Lakh.

Royal Enfield classic 350 on road price

With prices starting at Royal Enfield’s succeeding bike, the Classic 350, costs Rs. 1,91,486 for Single Channel ABS – BS6 (Redditch Series) and Inr. 2,19,935 for Dual Channel ABS (Chrome and Stealth – BS6).