47 kilometres separate you from Bengaluru.

The “Silk City” of South India

Travel to Ramanagara.

Ramnagar, located amid the rugged granite hills and lush surroundings, is a popular weekend getaway for Bengaluru locals. The region near Ramnagaram will be familiar to everyone who appreciates Bollywood movies because it appears so frequently in the movie Sholay. The ancient granite formations and boulders served as the backdrop for the majority of this movie, permanently immortalising these hills.

Ramanagaram is also referred to as the Silk Town and Silk City because of its importance in manufacturing silk. The silk produced here is used to create the renowned Mysore Silk. Another reason Ramanagaram is well-known is the Ramdevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary, where visitors may observe critically endangered vultures in their native environment. Many creative and cultural forms, including dance and music, have benefited from the patronage of a group named Janapada Loka.

The Ramadevarabetta and Savandurga hills are well-liked by rock climbers and hikers since several journey routes start here. Due to the abundance of vultures and other birds that like dry, rocky environments that may be observed here often, these hills are also among the uncommon bird habitats in India. You may drive or walk to the many temples and caves strewn over these hill ranges.

The Winged Beauties of Ramnagar.

Although you would not think of a dry, rocky landscape devoid of vegetation as a bird habitat, some of India’s rarest species can be found in the hills near Ramnagar. Ramnagar is a well-liked site for birders hoping to add vultures to their life lists due to the prevalence of various vulture species that are rare elsewhere in the country.

Ramanagara dining establishments and regional food.
Because there aren’t many restaurants in this area, your selections may be limited. It may be a good idea to make personal arrangements or bring home meals. Another alternative is to travel to nearby cities with more dining options. You may get Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Rasam, Kesari Bath, and Mysore Pak, among other regional foods.

When is the best time of year to visit Ramanagara?

The weather at Ramnagaram is typically steady throughout the year, even if the summer months may be hot and dry and not the best for tourists. The most significant time of year to visit Ramnagar is in the winter when the temperature is pleasant, and the surrounding landscape is lush and green. You should book all your reservations in advance, as this is the busiest travel time.

Where in India is Ramanagara?

Excellent rail and road links connect Ramnagar in Karnataka with other South Indian cities. Due to the lack of an airport in this city, Bangalore International Airport is the closest airport. Ramnagar may be reached year-round because of the year-round bus service that the governments of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka provide. The city has a well-developed local transportation infrastructure because it is an important temple town.

How can I get a flight to Ramanagara?

Ramnagar lacks an airport, although Bangalore, which is 50 kilometres distant by road, has excellent transportation options. Daily trains and buses connect with Bangalore, some of which make airport stops.

In what way do you go to Ramanagara?

A well-established road network connects Ramnagar to other nearby cities. Trains are a better option since they are only viable for within-state travel because longer journeys take more than 10 hours. Bangalore is the closest large city, and buses often go between the two. Even though there aren’t as many taxi services available, you may also consider driving if you have a car.

How can I board a train to go to Ramanagara?

The majority of the major Indian cities are well connected by train to this metropolis. All lines pass through Bangalore because it is the closest link, and it takes 12 to 14 hours to go by train to the southern cities.

Ramanagara-only transportation.

Taxis are available for rent in Ramnagar. For ordering taxis and renting automobiles, there are several possibilities.

FAQs on Ramanagara

How about Ramnagaram’s notoriety?
This less well-known yet gorgeous tourist destination offers a glimpse of the tranquil small-town way of life. Simple to get to

Regarding Ramnagaram, what? Is it not important?
There aren’t many tourist facilities like five-star hotels, a broad selection of restaurants, etc., because it isn’t primarily a well-developed tourist destination.

Who should go to Ramnagar?
If you want to take a few days off from your hectic daily schedule and relax, Ramnagar is the place to go. Locals and visitors from India and other nations find it the ideal family holiday spot. A must-see for Bollywood enthusiasts.

What places are around Ramnagar?
Ramnagar is 43 kilometres from Bangalore, one of the closest large cities. 158 kilometres away, in Ooty. The distance is 22 kilometres from Savandurga. Bheemeshwari is 45 kilometres away, and Shivagange is 19 kilometres away.

Nandi Hills

Bengaluru is 61 kilometres away.

”Hillocks borrowed money from the sky”.

Check out Nandi Hills.

An example of a tourist location that has acquired recognition over time and is today a well-known weekend getaway is Nandi Hills, located around 60 kilometres from Bangalore.

Temples and monuments can be found across Nandi Hills, encircled by breathtaking scenery. It has majestic pillars, wonderfully carved arches, and walls and ceilings that have been painted creatively. This place is nothing short of hidden bliss. A caravan of weekend tourists from Bangalore can be spotted early in the morning enjoying a glimpse of the dawn at 4851 feet above sea level.

Trekking in the Nandi Hills.

The Nandi Hills are a well-liked location for trekking. Several hike routes around Nandi Hill accommodate varied strength and skill levels of trekkers, from beginners to specialists. There is a simple, unassuming path up the hills for novices. For experienced hikers, the Channarayana Hills provide a challenging ascent. It’s a difficult journey. There is a multi-terrain trek circuit over meadows, rivers, rocky slopes, and paved roads for the most daring individuals.

Additional Details about Nandi Hills, Including History and Attractions
The Tipu Sultan route is a well-known historical attraction of this locality. Nandi Hills finds its place in history as being redolent of Tipu Sultan’s era. This place used to be Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat.

The most well-known spot along this path is Tipu’s Drop, a 600-meter-high cliff where prisoners were executed by being tossed over it while Tipu was in power. Another must-see destination is Tipu’s Summer Residence, sometimes referred to as the Task-e-Jannat or “the envy of heaven” and named by Tipu.

One of the numerous temples in the Nandi Hills that you must see is the Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple in Nandi village. This magnificent temple, one of the oldest in the region, is devoted to Lord Shiva and his consorts, Nandi and Parvati.

Due to its towering height, fantastic terrain, and stunning surroundings, cycling at Nandi Hills is a whole trip in and of itself. Cycling enthusiasts will like Nandi Hills. For thrill-seekers, paragliding in Nandi Hills is a must-do activity.


63 kilometres separates you from Bangaluru.

Overview of Bangalore’s Kanakapura.

A beautiful city in Karnataka, tucked away between forests and rivers, is perfect for a weekend vacation. This location is a well-kept secret, complete with waterfalls and lush vegetation. Both plants and animals abound in Kanakapura. Pigs, wild dogs, wild boars, and spotted deer are a few of the most often-seen creatures that are simple to spot. Numerous colourful birds can be observed resting on the branches, filling the silence with their chirping melodies.

Kanakapura’s Best Time To Visit
Kanakapura is best visited between October and April. At this time of year, the weather is lovely. Kanakapura is calmed by the cool winds that blow through it.

Advice for Traveling to Kanakapura

  1. Since there aren’t many restaurants in Kanakpura and you could have problems finding grocery stores, bring food with you.

What to Do

  1. Trekking

There are many hills in the area of Kanakapura. Trekking is now a leisure activity you may do to spice up your journey. The most attractive feature of Kamarpukur is that tourists can choose to go on guided night hikes, which will be a unique experience.

  1. Picnic

Enjoying some time in nature while eating by the sea is ideal. Several picnic areas are available in Kamarpukur, where you may spend time socializing and having fun with your loved ones.

  1. Safari

In the verdant Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary, you may go on a safari ride. You can fully explore the wildlife refuge and even boost your chances of seeing animals thanks to the safari ride.

There are many enjoyable, engaging, and stunning places to visit in Kanakapura. This location will undoubtedly offer relief from the city’s bustle. I’ll never forget the short days I spent here.

Places to go


In Mekedatu, two calm rivers—the River Kaveri and the River Arkavathy—combine to form one. This location offers breathtaking views of the natural world and is surrounded by dense, lush woods. Mekedatu is an excellent area to unwind and listen to the river rustle. To appreciate, you may even sit on a rock and dunk your feet in the chilly water.

Fall Chunchi

At the serene Chunchi Falls, the cool, clear water trickles between the emerald-green trees and colourful boulders. You may even plunge into the chilly water to refresh your body and spirit. Views of the city and the woodlands are captivating from this location. Even better, bring some food and have a picnic while sitting next to the waterfall.

Betta Bilikal Rangaswamy

Kanakapura’s high point is Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta.
Panoramic views of the entire town are available here. A beautifully designed route with lush green trees and blooming flowers must be followed to go to the highest point and have a birds-eye perspective of the area. The climb is a little challenging, but the view is worth it.

The Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Because he was Anjali’s son, Lord Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya, is the subject of this temple. Many tourists and followers of the religion flock to this location to worship and seek blessings. The temple’s calm and immaculate ambience will make you feel at ease. This temple should be seen because of its beautiful architecture.

Betta Shivalinga in Shivagiri Kshetra

A beautiful location in Kanakpura known for its panoramic views and natural beauty is Shivagiri Kshetra Shivalinga Betta. Every year, many tourists come here because it is well-liked by the local populace. Go to this location to find peace while surrounded by the wonder and majesty of nature.

Adventure Service Skydream

The Skydream Adventure Service should not be missed if you are travelling in a group to Kanakapura. The distance between it and Kanakapura is only 15 kilometres. Due to the abundance of thrilling activities offered amid verdant green trees and little hills, this location is an adventurer’s paradise. Activities including rappelling, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and many others are available. Come here to have fun and spice up your journey a little.

Janapada Loka

The centre of regional art and culture is Janapada Loka, which is 25 kilometres from Kanakapura. Through paintings, pictures, and statues, this location displays the traditional art and culture of the state of Karnataka. This area also has a museum with a collection of intriguing relics and items. Green trees surround the area, enhancing its natural attractiveness. There is also a theatre nearby that displays films about rural residents’ daily life. Even purchasing handicrafts to bring home as souvenirs is an option. Except on Tuesdays, visitors to this location may enter for a price of 20 rupees anytime between 9 am and 5:30 pm.

Ramanatha Temple

25 kilometres separate Kanakapura from the Ramanagaram Temple. This location is home to many unique and fascinating historical items. The lifestyles of the locals who lived here before the advent of civilization are insightfully shown by this location. An extensive collection of folk art and culture is on exhibit for visitors. This museum’s entrance cost is Rs. 10, and it is open every day except Tuesdays from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

The Film City of Innovation

The finest spot to unwind and have fun is the innovative film city, which is 25 kilometres from Kanakapura. This amusement park has a tonne of entertaining attractions. There are several activities organized here, including mountain climbing and rappelling. The magic performance, which is presented here primarily for kids but equally dazzles adults with its prowess, is its main attraction. When visiting Innovative Film City, don’t forget to check out the magic performance.

Winery Heritage

Heritage Winery, which is 30 kilometres away, is a destination that all wine enthusiasts should check out. Here, wine tours provide extensive knowledge of the entire wine-making process. 4-5 varieties will be available for you to sample during the wine-tasting activity. Additionally, they produce wine grapes in a tiny vineyard in the backyard. You may dine inside the Heritage Winery restaurant, which serves delectable food that pairs wonderfully with wine.

Lake Manchanabele

Manchanabele Dam is a stunning location that will make you feel connected to nature. Thirty kilometres separate it from Kanakapura. This area is full of refreshing water and lush trees, which makes the entire area picturesque. You will be spellbound by the stunning views offered by this location.

Krishna Temple at Navaneetha

A spotless temple to Lord Krishna may be found around 30 miles away. Ancient and exquisitely designed, this temple. Many people visit the temple to pray and seek blessings, which they frequently visit. The main shrine is surrounded by several temples that are open for visits. After visiting this temple, you will undoubtedly feel more energized.

Wildlife Refuge Bheemeshwari

Kanakapura is 30 kilometres away from Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary. Animal and environment enthusiasts should not miss a trip to Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary. A calm creek flows through an area of rich greenery. Boars, pigs, monkeys, and spotted deer are some of the creatures that are easily noticed. Here, the monkeys are exceedingly naughty and steal goods from people. Do not tease them, and be cautious around them. Consider taking a safari ride to get the most out of your experience.

International Art of Living Center

Kanakapura is around 25 kilometres away from the Art of Living Center. This area is extensive and a great place to unwind and make peace. Large, lush trees surround this area, which adds to its pleasant appearance. People frequently come to this location to find some quiet, to meditate, or to engage in some self-reflection. To unwind and enjoy some tranquilly, go to this location.


According to legend, Jagadeva Raya, the Channapatna ruler, demolished a building to erect a massive fort in the town, which is said to be how Kanakapura earned its name. The destroyed building belonged to a Kanakana, thus the name Kanakapura.


Invading Kanakapura and the nearby minor towns in the 18th century was the British Army. Lord Cornwallis, the Duke of Wellington, was in charge of the British Army. The great king Tipu Sultan implemented strict restrictions to prevent the British from entering. To block the British Army, he issued orders to destroy the village not once but twice, and he also deposited a lot of rubbish there.

How Do You Get To Kanakapura?

By Air: The closest airport to Kanakapura is Bangalore Airport, which has good connections to all the main Indian cities. It is 80 kilometres away from you. From the airport, you can rent a car to get to Kanakapura.

Ramanagaram Railway Station is the rail hub nearest to Kanakapura. Kanakpura is around 25 miles away from this location. The train station where you will be dropped off in Kanakapura has rental automobiles available.

By car: Bangalore is around 80 kilometres away from Kanakapura. You may go to Kanakapura by renting a car, which is relatively accessible from Bangalore. You may even drive your vehicle and have a fantastic road trip. You may get to Kanakapura by taking one of the numerous public or private buses that often depart from Bangalore.


70 kilometres separate it from Bengaluru.

A Paradise for Cave Explorers.

Tourism in Anthargange

The mountains, at an elevation of 1712 metres above sea level with rocky boulders, tiny caves, and dense plantations, are one of the best retreats for trekking, rock climbing, and cave exploration, enthusiasts. Anthargange is located in the Kolar district of Karnataka in the Shathashrunga range, about 70 km from Bangalore.

The term Anthargange, which in Kannada translates to “Inner Stream” or “The Ganges from the deep,” alludes to the perennial spring that bubbles up through the rocks from the centre of the mountains; it also relates to the Kashi Vishweshwara Temple, which draws a lot of followers.

Anthargange Caves and Trek

Exploring caves

Cave exploration aficionados may keep themselves busy for a whole day as the mountain’s tiny and large boulders have collapsed to produce several small caverns. Night hikes and cave exploration activities are available, some of which are tight and tiny enough to necessitate crawling to explore, adding to the excitement and thrill.

Taking a hike in Anthargange?

The Anthargange mountain, made up of both tiny and large boulders, has a dense forest at its base and natural springs, making it an excellent destination for hikers.

One may hike to the summit, stay overnight, have a bonfire, and trek down the next day. The moderately challenging trip includes seeing various temples along the route. It begins with a stairway up to the temple and is followed by unprocessed natural boulders, rocks, streams, and caves.

How do you go to Anthargange?

The only ways to travel to Anthargange are by road and rail. The closest broad gauge railroad station to Anthargange is in Bangalore (68 km), while the closest airport is in Bangalore (70 km). Taxis and motorbikes are readily available from Bangalore to Anthargange. Kolar is the nearest narrow gauge railroad station to Anthargange and is located 3 km away.

FAQs about Anthargange

What about Anthargange is problematic?
The monsoons are rainy and prolonged, the summers are hot and muggy, there is no direct airline or bus access, and food is not readily available.

Where can I find places close to Anthargange?
Bangalore, which is 58 kilometres away from Anthargange. Kolar, 5 kilometres from Anthargange, Nandi Hills, 51 kilometres from Anthargange, Ooty, 245 kilometres away. And Coorg, 268 kilometres away, are the primary location nearby.

What native cuisine is served in Anthargange?
Little tea stalls sell cookies and small snacks close to the range, but it is best to bring your food. You can also have some food parcelled from small motels on the route from Kolar. However, the supply of food there is doubtful.

What makes Anthargange so well-known?
Natural Hot Water Spring at Anthargange Temple; Pleasant Winter Weather; Closest Weekend Getaway from Bangalore; Natural Volcanic Rock Formation; Adventure Sports: Rappelling, Rock Climbing, and Cave Explorations.

What season is ideal for travelling to Anthargange?
The optimum season to visit Anthargange is October to March, when the monsoon has passed, and the winter has begun to set in. Summers are hot and muggy, and people may find the trip uncomfortable. Monsoons in Anthargange are beautiful and may be used advantageously for cave exploration.

Those who should go to Anthargange
Perfect spot for couples, friends, adventurers, history buffs, picture enthusiasts, and pilgrims alike. Great for the inhabitants of Bangalore and the surrounding areas to escape from their hectic and dull fast-paced everyday existence.

How to go around Anthargange?
There are frequent local buses that travel from Bangalore to Kolar, from where you may take a rickshaw; you can also rent a private car or a cab for the entire day; and if you are travelling from the Kolar district, there are several intra-city buses and rickshaws that will take you to Anthargange.

People Also Ask:

Why is Ramanagara famous?

Ramanagara, also known as Silk Town and Silk City, is well known for its sericulture. The famed Mysore Silk is made with the silk grown in this area as its raw material. Asia’s biggest market for silk cocoons is at Ramanagara. Every day, 50 tonnes of cocoon come into the town.

Is Nandi Hills open currently?

Every day of the week from 6 am to 10 pm, Nandi Hills Karnataka is open for business. Even on public holidays, the place is available.

Why Nandi Hills are famous?

The town of Nandi is close to the hills. According to folklore, the hills are where the Arkavathy, Ponnaiyar, Palar, Papagni, and Penna rivers began. Tourists like to visit Nandi Hills to view the sunrise. In 1986, India hosted the inaugural SAARC summit at Nandi Hills.

Why is Kanakapura famous?

Kanakapura, a small town close to Bengaluru, is well known for its lush greenery, silk and granite production, temples, and numerous other tourist attractions, including Mekedatu, Chunchi Falls, Pyramid Valley, and others.

Is there metro to Kanakapura?

The first Metro line in Bengaluru to reach Kanakapura Road is the GREEN LINE. At 7:08 am, it stops close by.

Is Anthargange trek difficult?

The moderately strenuous hike involves a 45-minute ascent uphill. We will arrive at the conglomeration of seven villages at the top of the hill after finishing the inclining Anthargange trek. They will be waiting for us as we explore the stunning cave networks and take in the expansive views of the Kolar district.

Why is Anthargange famous?

Sri Kashi Vishweshwara Temple, also known as Kashi of South, is famous in Antara Gange. Lord Shiva is honoured in this temple.

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