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A city in the Indian state of Karnataka is called Hubli; its actual name is Hubballi. The twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad are the largest city in North Karnataka and the second-largest city in the state by area and population. The taluk headquarters of Hubli City and Hubli Rural is located at Hubli, which is in the Dharwad district of Karnataka. Despite housing the HDMC office, Dharwad serves as the district’s administrative center.

Additionally, it has the most state government offices of any other location. Hubli-Dharwad was chosen for solar city and green city master plans in 2016. Hubli-Dharwad city was included in the government of India’s smart city project in 2017, a flagship program for the entire development of infrastructure in the twin towns.


The old Hubli, also known as Rayara Hubli, Eleya Purvada Halli, or Purballi, is home to a Bhavani Shankara temple and a Jain basati. Rayara Hubli flourished as a commercial hub under the Vijayanagara Rayas and became well-known for its commerce in cotton, saltpeter, and iron. The British established a factory here while the Adilshahis were in power. Shivaji pillaged the plant in 1673. Rayara Hubli was taken over by the Mughals, who also gave it to the Nawab of Savanur, who expanded it and named it Majidpura. The Durgadabail (fort maidan) portion of Rayara Hubli was later encircled by the new Hubli constructed by trader Basappa Shettar.

The renowned Moorusavira Matha in Hubli is said to have been founded by a Sharana during the reign of Basaveshwara. In 1755–1756, the Marathas took Hubli from the Nawab of Savanur. Hyder Ali took control of Hubli in the years that followed, but the Marathas managed to retake it in 1790. At this time, the Peshwas’ Phadke was in charge of the old town’s administration, and the Sangli Patwardhan was in the order of the new city. In 1817, the British seized Old Hubli from the Peshwas. The Sangli Patwardhan gave the British the new town and 47 adjacent villages in 1820 in exchange for a subsidy. Later in 1880, the British began the Railway workshop, and Hubli started to be recognized as an industrial hub in this region of India.

From Chalukyan times comes the magnificent Chandramauleshwara temple in Unkal. Tipu Sultan visited the Sufi shrine known as Sayed Fathesha Wali.

Tropical Hubli-Dharwad has a dry and wet climate. From late February to early June, there are hot, dry summers. The monsoon season, which has mild temperatures and a lot of precipitation, comes after them. From late October to early February, temperatures are mild, and there is hardly any rain. 640 meters above sea level is Hubli. 838 mm of precipitation falls annually on average.


Hubli, often referred to as Vanijya Nagari & Chota Mumbai, is the state of Karnataka’s commercial center. More than a lakh small and medium-sized businesses may be found in Hubli’s diverse industrial cluster. On Dharwad Road and in the Hubli neighborhood of Navanagar, the Government of India has established the Software Technology Park of India and Aryabhata Tech Park. The city is located where the Deccan plateau and Malnad plateaus meet. The other three sides are known for their agricultural products, such as cotton, groundnuts, and oilseeds, as well as manganese ore and granite, whereas Malnad is widely known for its woods and industries based on the forestry sector.

As the first of its kind in Indian Railways’ history, building a new-generation diesel locomotive shed in the city provided a significant boost for the growth of enterprises in this area. The most excellent repository of EMD locomotives in India is located at the diesel locomotive yard in Hubli, which was built in 1880.

Karnataka is a state with a diverse terrain that provides unique weekend vacation spots, nestled between Gokarna’s beaches and the exquisite gardens of Bangalore. For all history and nature lovers, it is the perfect vacation spot. Hubli, officially known as Hubballi, is a dynamic city 400 kilometers from Bengaluru, one of Karnataka’s emerging cities. Due to its rich legacy, Hubli is a popular tourist destination. Due to its extensive commercial growth, Hubli is also known as Chotta Mumbai. Hubli is a significant city in South India and a center for business, education, and transportation because of its lengthy history. Please find out the top locations to visit in Hubli to learn more about the city’s rich culture and history among its many attractions.


  1. Siddharoodha Math

Indian philosopher and Hindu guru Siddharudha Swami. Biography. All of Sadguru Siddharudha Maharaj’s life, he led an austere lifestyle. He strongly disagreed with the conventional belief that Brahmins were the only ones eligible for liberation and strongly opposed the practice of casteism. He also conceived of divinity in all that exists. At the tender age of six, Siddharudha—whom Hindus believe to be an incarnation of Shiva, one of the Trinity deities—renounced his home and his ties to his family to search for his Satguru or spiritual master. Later, as a student, Siddharudha gave himself over to Shri Gajadandaswami, a realized soul, and worked at his ashram. Read More

2. Unkal Lake

Unkal Lake is one of Hubli’s top tourist destinations. This lovely lake, which covers an area of 200 acres, attracts many visitors, especially on the weekends. Despite being close to 110 years old, the lake’s enchantment doesn’t seem to fade. Additionally, it serves as Hubli’s primary water supply. Read More

3. Chandramouleshwara Temple.

The Chandramauleshwara Temple is an 11th-century Shiva temple with Chalukyan architecture in Unkal (Hubballi), Karnataka, India. It is also known as the Chandramouleshwara Temple at Unkal. The temple illustrates the Gandhara layout found in Sanskrit books on buildings and features a square plan with four entrances from the four cardinal directions. A Chaturmukha (four-faced) Linga and numerous more mandapas (halls) were once located in the center of the temple, but the remaining building is much smaller. The temple maintains a prehistoric illustration of a somewhat quirky Hindu architectural style. The temple is famous for combining the art of Vedic deities with that of Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktism. Read More

4. Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden

When I was in Hubli and had some free time, I was looking for exciting locations to visit when I noticed the Indira Gandhi Glass House and Park. It initially appeared to be an attempt to copy Bengaluru’s Lalbagh. Still, I decided to go. Read More

5. Nrupatunga Hill

The twin cities in the districts of Dharwad and Hubli in the Indian state of Karnataka are included in the Dharwad-Hubli municipality. It is located 425 kilometers from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. Despite being a historic and old city, Dharwad is a rapidly growing economic center with industrial belts and IT zones. Read More

6. Country Club Water World

Country Club Water World, a well-liked attraction in Hubli, is situated on Karwar Road. The calm atmosphere, mountains covered in rich vegetation, and palm palms encircling the park are this Country Club Water World’s key selling factors. By jumping into the pool, you can escape the sun’s heat. Due to its location outside the city, this site is a popular weekend escape for families. Read More

7. Navagraha Teertha

Varur, Karnataka, is home to the Navagraha Jain Temple, also known as Navagraha Teertha or Navagraha Tirtha. One of the primary Jain pilgrimage sites in India is Navagraha Teertha. The Shri 1008 Bhagavan Parshvanatha monolithic idol is 61 feet (19 meters) tall in the temple, together with lesser statues of the other eight Jain teerthankaras. Read More

8. Banashankari Temple

The temple was initially constructed using a Dravidian architectural design. The newly built building is designed in the Vijayanagara manner. A tall wall surrounds the temple. A Mukha mantapa (portico), an ardha mantapa (entry porch/chamber in front of the sanctum), and a shrine with a Vimana above it make up the main construction (tower). Read More

9. Gayatri Tapovan

Gayatri Tapovan, well-known for its spiritual and cultural events, was founded in 1965 by Sri Kumar Swamiji, a renowned preacher whose followers come from all communities and locations. Gayatri Tapovan was formerly known as the “Navakalyana” Matha. Read More

10. Sayed Fateh Shah Dargha

Sayyed Fateh Shah Wali is well-known among the Hubballi Muslim saints. According to legend, Tipu Sultan traveled to Hubballi in 1780 as part of his campaign against the Savanur Nawab. He went to the dargah in Old Hubli to pay his respects after learning that it was connected to numerous miracles. Read More

11. ISKCON Krishna Balarama Temple

On the auspicious day of Sri Rama Navami in April 2002, the utsava Deities of Sri Krishna Balarama and Sri Gaura Nitai were set up in this location. The Deities were etched in Vrindavana’s holy Dham. Read More

12. Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle.

In the center of Hubli, close to the ancient bus stop, is the famous Kittur Rani Chennamma circle, also known as Traffic Island. This intersection of eight routes. In honor of her courage, a statue of Rani Chennamma, sometimes referred to as Kittur Rani Chennamma. Read More

13. Church of St. Joseph

You should visit St. Joseph Church in Keshwapur if you want to visit Hubli’s most stunning church. It is conveniently situated in Hubli and is only a short drive away. Read More

14. Urban Oasis Mall

The second mall to open in Hubli, the commercial center of Karnataka, is Urban Oasis Mall. Currently, it is North Karnataka’s largest mall. It is positioned close to the interstate and intrastate transportation hub on the main airport road. Read More

15. Vittal Temple

The orange-red Vittal Temple, one of Hubli’s most popular tourist attractions, is frequented by many residents because of its reverence. It would help if you visited this temple when you were in Hubli. Read More

16. Agadi Thota

Agadi Thota was created in 2000 by Shri. Jayadev Agadi is located in the lush green surroundings of Kannur village. Its goals are to promote organic farming, raise awareness of Indian culture, tradition, and natural organic food culture among city dwellers, and assist rural farmers in creating a market for organic foods. Read More

17. Adventure Base Dharwad

The day only keeps improving with opportune snacks, necessary drinks to keep you hydrated, and traditional food prepared by our team and served in conventional earthen pots. Check out the Synonyms and Frequently Asked Questions for further details. Go to the same section if you require additional tickets or offers. Read More

18. Sadhanakeri Park

Dr. Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre, a famous Kannada poet, is honored in the park known as Sadhanakeri. Even the Kannada song “Baro Sadhanakerige” is lovely. This location is in Dharwad, roughly a 30-minute drive from Hubli. Read More

19. Regional Science Center of Dharwad

The National Council of Science Museums, an independent agency under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, established the Dharwad Regional Science Centre with the active assistance of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka. Read More

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People Also Ask:

What is famous in Hubli?

Hubli is a significant economic hub for the trade in cotton and iron and a well-known historic town. Famous Hubli sights, including Unkal Lake, Nrupatunga Hill, and the Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden, must be seen. Road, rail, and air travel are convenient ways to get to the city.

Why is Hubli called Mumbai?

The second-largest city in the south Indian state of Karnataka is called Hubli. Given its robust economy, Hubli is one of the cities with the most fantastic growth rates and is sometimes referred to as “Mini Mumbai” or “Chota Bombay.” Hubli is Kannada for “flowering creep.”

Is Hubli a good city?

One of India’s most beautiful cities is Hubli, often known as Hubballi. Together with Dharwad, a city 20 kilometers from Hubli, it constitutes an urban center.

Which is best area in Hubli?

  1. Math Siddharoodha.
  2. Lake Unkal.
  3. Hill Nrupatunga.
  4. Temple of Chandramouleshwar.
  5. Garden of the Indira Gandhi Glass House.
  6. Circle of Kittur Rani Chennamma.
  7. Church of St. Joseph.
  8. LGBTI Tapovan.
  9. World of Country Club Water.
  10. Mall at Urban Oasis.

Is Hubli worth visiting?

Hubli is a popular location for business excursions due to its reputation as Karnataka’s significant economic and industrial center. A visit to one of the many handloom and textile mills in Hubli, known for producing cotton, can be highly educational. Hubli is well-known for being a significant peanut grower.

Is there a beach in Hubli?

Karwar Beach in Karnataka is one of the best beaches in its splendor. Eminent people like Rabindranath Tagore have lauded the beauty of this seashore. Shirwad/Karwar is the closest railroad station, and Hubli is the closest railroad junction.

Tourist places near Hubli within 100 Kms

  1. Dandeli.
  2. Sirsi.
  3. Sanctuary Dandeli (Near Dandeli).
  4. Hanuman Temple Nuggikeri.
  5. Itagi’s Mahadeva Temple (Near Hampi).
  6. Lakkundi (Near Badami) (Near Badami).
  7. Banavasi (Near Jog Falls) (Near Jog Falls).
  8. Falls Sathodi (Near Dandeli).
  9. Falls Magod (Near Dandeli).

Hill stations near Hubli

  1. Chikmagalur. (Distance From Hubli: 300kms).
  2. Kemmanagundi. (Distance From Hubli: 355kms).
  3. Sirsi (Distance From Hubli: 100kms). 

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