Leh Ladakh Road Trip Manali to Sarchu Motovlog Ep-5

Leh Ladakh Road Trip Manali to Sarchu Motovlog Ep-5 Part 1 & Part 2

All About The Journey:

A thrilling and adventurous bike ride over the stunning Indian Himalayan scenery connects Manali and Serchu. Motorcycle enthusiasts love this route because it has magnificent scenery and challenging terrain. When biking from Manali to Serchu, there are two common routes. Both courses provide breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain. These are the two possible routes:

Route 1: Manali, Rohtang Pass, Keylong, Jispa, Baralacha La, and Sarchu.

The length of this route, which is about 260 kilometers, makes it the more popular. The route is broken down as follows:

Rohtang Pass

1. Begin your journey at Manali and travel north on NH3 between Manali and Leh.

2. Travel uphill to Rohtang Pass, 3,978 meters above sea level. Take in the stunning vistas as you go down to the Lahaul Valley.

3. Ride through gorgeous villages and valleys to get to Keylong from Rohtang Pass. It works well as a pit stop for food and gasoline.

4. Continue traveling after Keylong to Jispa, a picturesque town beside the Bhaga River. Consider breaking the travel by spending the night in Jispa.

5. After leaving Jispa, continue riding across rugged terrain to reach the 4,890-meter-high Baralacha La pass. While traveling through this high-altitude pass, use the appropriate safety measures.

6. Travel through extensive landscapes after crossing Baralacha La to reach Sarchu, which serves as the boundary between Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Sarchu is a well-liked destination for campers.

7. Finally, ride from Sarchu to Serchu, a small settlement 4,290 meters above sea level. This area features beautiful scenery and difficult terrain.

Route 2: Manali to Gramphu, Chandra Tal to Batal, Kunzum Pass, Losar to Pang, Sarchu.

Although less traveled, this path is just as beautiful and exciting. It travels for about 290 kilometers. The route is broken down as follows:

Kunzum Pass

1. Begin your journey at Manali and travel north on NH3 between Manali and Leh.

2. Travel upward till you reach Rohtang Pass, then turn left to head to Gramphu.

3. Ride to Chandra Tal, a magnificent high-altitude lake, from Gramphu by detouring the Spiti Valley. Enjoy the natural splendor of the area as you ride on toward Batal.

4. From Batal, travel upward to Kunzum Pass, 4,590 meters above sea level. Inhale the expansive sights before descending to Losar.

5. From Losar, keep riding through the beautiful scenery to get to Pang. This area features breathtaking views and difficult terrain.

6. To get to Sarchu from Pang, travel across the stunning More Plains and over the Gata Loops.

7. Finally, bike the route described in Route 1 from Sarchu to Serchu.

You can select the route that best suits your preferences and the current road conditions for your trip since each provides its own distinctive experience. Before leaving on vacation, check the weather and road conditions and be ready to ride in rugged terrain and at high altitudes.

Detailed Guide: Manali to Sarchu By Bike

A fascinating and adventurous journey across the captivating scenery of the Indian Himalayas is a bike tour from Manali to Serchu. The following information will help you plan your bike trip from Manali to Serchu:

1. Duration and Distance:

Via the more popular path, the trip from Manali to Serchu is roughly 260 kilometers. The journey’s length can change depending on your riding speed, breaks, and road conditions. If you include overnight breaks at Jispa or Sarchu, the travel typically takes 2 to 3 days.

2. The Best Time to Go:

From June to October, the public has access to the Manali Leh Highway, the main road leading from Manali to Sarchu. Therefore, you must select one of these five months.


If you’re visiting Sarchu for the first time, avoid going then. The road is not in a condition that is suited for a long journey, even after the BRO has cleared it. Roads may be at risk for landslides and slush.


From Manali, this is the best month to travel to Sarchu. Along the way, better lodging alternatives exist, and the roads are in better shape. The disadvantage is the tourist influx up till Rohtang Pass.


Despite the monsoon, this month is ideal for the route because of the excellent road conditions. Every hotel along the path is still open.


The weather is almost entirely dry this month, and the scenery is stunning.


The campsites start to wind down, and the temperature drops at night, so it’s a mixed bag.

To get a list of the top hotels in Leh-Ladakh and to plan a pleasant stay while traveling, click here.

3. Licenses:

To enter specific sections along the route, including Rohtang Pass and other restricted locations, travelers must have an Inner Line Permit (ILP). The permissions can be obtained online or at the Manali SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) office. Before your journey,  reviewing the most recent rules and regulations pertaining to permits is advised.

4. Gear and a Bike:

  •    Before the trip, ensure your bike is serviced and in good working order.
  •    Keep your driver’s license, registration paperwork, and insurance documents on hand.
  •   Bring the necessary riding attire, such as a helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, and rain gear.
  •   A puncture repair kit, an essential tool kit, extra components, and extra fuel cans are good ideas in an emergency.

5. Possible Routes:

Two well-known routes connect Manali with Serchu:

     A. Manali, Rohtang Pass, Keylong, Jispa, Baralacha La, Sarchu, and Serchu.

     B. Manali, Gramphu, Chandra Tal, Batal, Kunzum Pass, Losar, Pang, Sarchu, and Serchu.

Both routes provide magnificent scenery and challenging terrain. Pick a route based on your choices and the current state of the roads as you go.

6. Convenience

Accommodations along the Manali to Sarchu Highway


The first overnight stop on the Manali to Leh bike route is Keylong, located 117 kilometers from Manali. Some of the top hotels that are inexpensive for guests are listed below:

  • Hotel Dekyid
  • New Hotel Gyespa
  • Tashi Delek Hotel
  • Hotel Chandrabhaga HPTDC
  • Hotel Valley View


It is 138 kilometers from Manali. The greatest homestays in the area are listed below.

  • Jispa Cafe & Dragon Camp
  • Gemur Holidays
  • Jispa Journeys
  • Camping Retro Valley Resort
  • Jispa’s Padma Lodge and Camps


After Keylong, one may stop at Sarchu, 96 kilometers from Keylong and about 230 kilometers from Manali.      

  • Himalayan Saga Camps
  • Camps at Goldrop
  • Camps on Planet Himalaya
  • Camps Antrek
  • Camp Blue Poppy

The inexpensive camping spots along the road offer an option for hikers. The campground owners also permit you to erect your tent for a modest cost. If you want a comfortable place to stay, choose one of the many guest houses along the road, including privately operated and government-run (HPPWD or HPTDC). Dhaba tents in the dorm-style have recently gained popularity along this route.

7. Fuel and Supplies:

There are gas stations at Manali, Tandi (near Leh), and Karu (between Keylong and Jispa). Refueling is advised whenever feasible to prevent running out of fuel in outlying locations. Since there are few options for food and supplies along the journey, bring plenty of water and snacks. Packing some energy bars and dry food products is a good idea.

8. Safety and Altitude Sickness:

  •    The trip involves biking through high-altitude areas, so acclimatization is crucial.
  •    Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water when traveling.
  •    Take frequent rests to allow your body to acclimate to the altitude, especially when traveling over high mountain passes.
  •    Carry warm clothing and be ready for changing weather because temperatures can drop dramatically at higher elevations.
  •    For your protection, riding in groups or letting someone know where you’re going is best.

9. Road Conditions:

The roads from Manali to Serchu are generally in good condition.

People Also Ask:

How far is Manali from Sarchu via Rohtang Pass?

It is 52 kilometers away from Manali. As you approach Rohtang Pass, the breathtaking scenery catches your eye.

Which is better Atal Tunnel or Rohtang Pass?

Atal Tunnel is the finest and quickest route from Manali to Lahaul, Ladakh, or Spiti. Before the Atal Tunnel was built, the only way to travel to Lahaul, Ladakh, and Spiti was via Rohtang La.

What things are not allowed in Atal tunnel?

According to the Atal Tunnel Management, vehicles carrying gasoline, diesel, lubricants, LPG cylinders, kerosene, explosives, and other combustible materials won’t be permitted to use the tunnel.

Where can I refuel my bike during the journey?

  • Manali: Fill up on petrol there before setting out on your trek. Before traveling to the Atal Tunnel, you can refuel at one of the several gas stations in Manali.
  • Before reaching the more secluded portions of the route, the final gas station is in Tandi, which is halfway between Keylong and Jispa. To make sure you have enough fuel to get to the next station, it is suggested you refuel your bike at Tandi.
  • Karu: Sarchu is located closer to Leh, where Karu is. If you want to continue riding towards Leh or other places in Ladakh, you can refuel your bike at the petrol stations in Karu.

How can I prepare myself for high altitude and prevent altitude sickness?

  • Acclimatize: Stay in Manali for a day or two to give your body time to get used to the higher altitude.
  • Hydrate: Take in a lot of liquids to stay hydrated when traveling.
  • Go slowly: ascend carefully to avoid gaining altitude quickly.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking because they can make altitude sickness symptoms worse.
  • Consume small, high-carb meals.
  • Consider taking medication: Ask your doctor about acetazolamide or other preventative drugs.
  • Watch for symptoms of altitude sickness and descend if they get worse.
  • Observe your body: Rest when necessary, and pay attention to any illness-related warning symptoms.
  • When you travel with someone, you may monitor each other’s health.
  • Remain Informed: Keep an eye on the weather and be ready for any changes. Remember that it’s critical to descend to lower elevations and seek medical attention if symptoms intensify or become severe.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines for bikers on this route?

  • Obtain all essential licenses, including, if necessary, the Rohtang Pass license.
  • Observe all traffic laws and ordinances, including speed limits and lane limitations.
  • Keep your driver’s license, bike registration, and insurance documents on hand.
  • Put on the necessary safety equipment, such as gloves, a helmet, and protective clothing.
  • Keep your bike in good shape and stock up on necessary tools and replacement components.
  • Be wary of incoming traffic, tight turns, and difficult terrain.
  • Keep an eye on the weather and steer clear of biking when it’s terrible.
  • Respect the towns, the environment, and the local cultures along the path.
  • Observe any signage and the directions of the authorities.
  • For a memorable and secure journey, adopt responsible and safe riding practices.

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