Leh Ladakh Road Trip Sarchu to Leh Motovlog Ep- 6

Leh Ladakh Road Trip Sarchu to Leh Motovlog Ep- 6 Part 1 & Part 2

All About The Journey

You’ll continue your journey on the Leh-Manali Highway as you ride from Sarchu to Leh. This route features breathtaking scenery and rugged terrain. The journey from Sarchu to Leh is as follows:

1. Sarchu to Pang:

  • Start your travel in Sarchu and proceed on the Leh-Manali Highway to the east.
  • Cross mountain passes like Lachung La (5,059 meters) and Nakee La (4,739 meters) as you travel across the beautiful environment.
  •  Riding further, you will eventually arrive at Pang, which is around 72 kilometers away from Sarchu. Biker travelers frequently stop at Pang since it has lodging options and simple amenities.

2. Pang to More Plains:

From Pang, travel on the Leh-Manali Highway toward the More Plains. The More Plains, a sizable plateau of about 4,800 meters, offers distinctive and unbelievable scenery. The More Plains’ relatively flat, straight roadway makes for a thrilling riding experience. At get at the base of Tanglang La Pass, ride for roughly 40 kilometers across the More Plains.

3. More Plains to Leh

  • After passing over the More Plains, you’ll start climbing toward Tanglang La Pass, one of the highest motorable passes in the world (5,328 meters). From Tanglang La Pass, ride towards Leh while descending toward the Indus Valley. On the way there, you’ll pass through gorgeous towns like Rumtse and Upshi.
  • After riding for about 240 kilometers from Sarchu, you will eventually arrive at Leh, the capital of Ladakh.
More Plains

The Sarchu to Leh route’s road conditions can occasionally be difficult due to uneven parts, high ascents and descents, and irregular river crossings. It’s crucial to ride carefully, especially when going up and down steep mountain passes. Additionally, ensure you have the resources you’ll need, such as fuel, water, food, and spare parts, as there will be few services or facilities along the trip.

Check the weather and road conditions before setting off on your journey, and make sure you have the necessary permissions for local travel. June to September, when the roads are typically open and accessible, is the optimum time to ride this route. However, it’s always good to keep up with local conditions and seek the most recent information from local authorities or seasoned bikers.

Detailed Guide: Sarchu to Leh by Bike

Being organized and knowledgeable is crucial before starting a bike trip from Sarchu to Leh. Before you set off on your journey, make sure to keep the following in mind:

1. Physical health 

Bike travel from Sarchu to Leh entails ascending and descending mountain passes and biking through high-altitude terrain. To tackle the difficulties of the terrain and the consequences of altitude, it is imperative to be in good physical shape.

2. Acclimatization to altitude: 

You go through high altitudes from Sarchu to Leh, with some passes exceeding 5,000 meters. To prevent altitude sickness, proper acclimatization is essential. Plan a slow ascent and allow time for recovery in Leh or other acclimatization stops.

3. Environmental Factors: 

With temperature swings and the potential for rain, snow, or severe gusts, the weather in the area can be erratic. Layer your gear to handle changing weather and shield yourself from the elements.

4. Bike upkeep:

 Before beginning the voyage:

  1. Ensure your bike is in good working order.
  2. Verify the chains, brakes, tires, and other crucial components.
  3. Carry the equipment and extra parts you’ll need in case of any simple roadside repairs.

5. Supplies and Fuel: 

Since there aren’t many gas stations along this road, bring extra fuel in lockable containers. Stock up on necessities like water, food, and snacks because there are few places to buy goods between Sarchu and Leh.

6. Licenses: 

Check to see if you need any permits to travel through the area. Before setting off on your journey, get the required permits to prevent any problems or delays.

7. Connectivity and communication: 

Particularly in distant areas, mobile network coverage can be spotty or nonexistent. Carry an emergency communication tool, such as a satellite phone or a personal locating beacon, and let your loved ones know where you’ll be going.

8. Facilities and Accommodations: 

There are few places to stay between Sarchu and Leh, especially in the farther-flung regions. Carry a tent or ask at numerous rest areas if any guesthouses or campsites are available.

9. Safety and Health: 

Carry a well-stocked first aid bag with drugs to treat common disorders and altitude sickness. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals, and focus on your body. Throughout the trip, putting your safety and well-being first is critical.

10. Road Conditions 

Be ready for difficult driving conditions like steep inclines, tight turns, gravel areas, and sporadic water crossings. Ride carefully, keep your bike under control, and pay attention to other traffic and any potential road dangers.

Always do your study and plan your trip far in advance. Before leaving, check the most recent weather reports, road conditions, and travel warnings. Respect the environment, local customs, and any other travelers you may come across.

If you are well-prepared and knowledgeable, you may enjoy the stunning scenery and the rush of conquering the Himalayan terrain on a safe and unforgettable bike ride from Sarchu to Leh.

People Also Ask:

Sarchu to Leh by bike

The route from Sarchu to Leh is challenging because, before arriving in Leh, we must pass over the Gata Loops, Nakeela Pass, Lachungla Pass, Moore Plains, and Tanglanga La Pass. Therefore, traveling from Sarchu to Leh should take 8 to 10 hours at most. So get ready for the Leh Ladakh bike tour’s most long ride.

How far is Leh from Sarchu by road?

Sarchu and Leh are separated by 259 kilometers.

Is the road to reach Leh difficult to travel on?

The road to Leh was challenging to travel.

What is the duration of the bike ride from Sarchu to Leh?

Usually, it takes two days to ride a bike from Sarchu to Leh, with a night break at Pang. However, this can change depending on the speed of the ride, the outside temperature, and personal preferences.

Are there any permits required for the Sarchu to Leh route?

Permits are necessary for the Sarchu to Leh route, yes. You must receive an Inner Line Permit (ILP) from the Ladakh administration to travel on the Leh-Manali Highway. You can apply for the permission online or in person at designated Leh offices. A Protected Area Permit (PAP) is also necessary for non-US citizens. Several permits are required to maintain the safety and effective administration of the area.

Are there any fuel stations along the route? How should I manage fuel for the journey?

Because there are few gas stations along the Sarchu to Leh route, planning your fuel management is essential. Tandi is the final gas station before Sarchu, located about 365 kilometers from Leh. Before leaving Tandi, you must ensure your gasoline tank is full. Take lockable containers with extra fuel to add to your travel. 

Some people sell fuel from drums at Pang, a popular rest area, although supplies cannot be guaranteed. It is advised to estimate your fuel usage based on the mileage of your bike and bring enough fuel to travel from Tandi to Leh. Practice fuel-saving strategies, including maintaining a steady speed and avoiding excessive idling.

What are the accommodation options available between Sarchu and Leh?

There are few places to stay between Sarchu and Leh, especially in outlying areas. Pang is a well-liked stopover location with a few basic guesthouses and tented lodgings. Upshi contains a few guesthouses and homestays, around 35 kilometers from Leh. However, Leh is where you’ll find most lodging choices and amenities. 

There are several options for lodging in Leh, including guesthouses, hotels, resorts, homestays, and luxurious lodging. These lodgings provide a variety of amenities, including cozy rooms, bathrooms with showers and hot water, Wi-Fi, and on-site dining options. In Leh, reserving lodging in advance during the busiest travel times is a good idea.

Can I take my own bike to Leh?

You are welcome to bring your bike for a Ladakh biking ride. But remember that it is a difficult and protracted trip from Delhi to Ladakh. Bike travel takes about 1100 kilometers from Delhi to Leh on average.

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