OOTY Shooting Point and Pineforest Vlog [S1 – Ep9]

The distinct experience

Go away from the chaos of the city and spend the weekend in Pine Forest, a rare treasure with an unmatched beauty. Simply put, the location is so picturesque that even the most popular Ooty tourism attractions will pale in comparison. Certainly, the forest provides a great setting for pictures that capture the natural beauty of the surroundings, characterised by lush terrain and breathtaking views.

Concerning Pykara Pine Forest

The Pine Forest Shooting Site, which has a view of Sandy Nulla Lake and is situated between Thalakunda and Ooty, is graced with neatly organised pine trees that line the Nilgiri Mountains’ descent. The Kamaraj Sagar Dam, which is situated on the lake, is visible from the base of the lush hill. The height of the pine trees varies from 3 to 80 metres, with the majority being between 15 and 45 metres.

The Pine Forest Shooting Site is home to the most Ponderosa Pine, Potosi Pinyon, and Siberian Pine species, some of which are over a thousand years old. The grove is distinguished by its tightly twisted branches, needle-shaped leaves, scale-like cones, and flaking bark. The woodland is a well-liked location for filming because of its exquisitely designed plantation.

Pine Forest Ooty Movie Set

Do you know that Pine Forest served as the location for filming the well-known QSQT, starring Amir Khan and Juhi Chawla? So, don’t be shocked if half of Bollywood shows up here to shoot their movies. The Sadma, Raaz, Dil, and Deewana movies, among others, all used this woodland as inspiration. Do journey down to the two shooting locations if this is your first time visiting Pine Forest. The 6th Mile is one, and the 9th Mile is the other. The location appears eerie and will undoubtedly give you the chills.

Fun and exciting activities

Come to Pine Forest even if it’s not for the love of movies because it’s a trekking hotspot. The pathways wind through a densely forested area where it’s normal to see trees that are 1,000–4,000 years old. Before reaching the peak, one must walk for a considerable amount of time. Another enjoyable sport suitable for both adults and children is horseback riding.

Distance from the closest metropolis

2 km from Thalakunda and 9 km from the bus stop and train station in Ooty.

Journey time (including travel in hours)

1 Hour.

Transport choices

Sedan (4+1), SUV (7+1) and Tempo Traveler (12+1) all have air conditioning.

Travel advise

Those who love the outdoors will adore Pine Forest.

People Also Ask:

Where is the pine forest in Pykara?

As previously stated, the Pine Forest is located directly off the road leading to Ooty (when returning from Pykara). For starters, a large number of people are visiting the forest. Second, like any other tourist attraction, numerous food establishments are near the entrance. The majority of these restaurants serve Maggi.

Is Ooty forest worth visiting?

Yes, the forest provides a lovely setting for capturing the raw beauty of the surroundings, defined by verdant terrain and jaw-dropping sights. This forest is dotted with towering pine trees that grow from 3 to 80 metres in height, making it one of the most pristine places to visit in Ooty.

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