Powertronics for Dominar 400 UG Gear Gear Motorcycle Vlog S1-Ep6

People Also Ask:

What is the use of PowerTRONIC?

PowerTRONIC enables complete ignition control at all operating points as well as fuel control in the open-loop zone of the original vehicle operating characteristics. The original lambda is still present and will assist in maintaining the bike’s ideal AFRs in the cruising range.

What is the price of Powertronic Dominar 400?

Powertronic V4 ECU for the Bajaj Dominar 400 UG (2019-2020) is available for Rs. 18525.

Does powertronic support fuel and ignition control?

For all bikes, PowerTRONIC has basic FUEL and IGNITION control.

What’s in the box? Do i have to purchase the software/tuning cables separately?

The PowerTRONIC ECU, tuning cable, PowerTRONIC wiring harness (bike-specific), stock coupler, and decals are all included in the box. The software and tuning wires wouldn’t need to be bought separately.

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