South India A day In Kodaikanal Thalaiyar Waterfall and Cascade Park Vlog [S1-Ep10]

Thalaiyar WaterFall


The Thalaiyar Falls, sometimes called Rat Tail Falls, is the tallest waterfall in Tamil Nadu. Thalaiyar Waterfall, which cascades from the beautiful Palani Hills in Dindigul District, is around 40 kilometers from Kodaikanal.

Also, the entire valley is home to this captivating waterfall. Thalaiyar Falls can be seen from a distance as a narrow silver strip of water tumbling freely against a picturesque backdrop of lush green mountains and dark rocks.

Moreover, the falls have a rat’s tail’s long, thin appearance when viewed. It is not only the highest waterfall in the area but also one of the widest, stretching from Kodaikanal 13 kilometers on the Batlagundu-Kodaikanal Ghat Road. One can engage in many activities when visiting Thalaiyar Falls, such as trekking, hiking, and photography.

Thalaiyar Falls

Visitors may take in the wonderful ambiance from the seats by the highway while admiring the majesty of the falls. Also, there are two walls on the falls, and beneath one is a massive flat rock. Visitors can descend to the cliff’s edge and obtain a fantastic view of the river below, which flows silently into the trees.

The falls are also used as a watering hole, drawing many animals there to drink. Although the water at Thalaiyar Falls, which originates from the Perumal Malai town 9 kilometers downstream, is believed to be clear, visitors are not advised to consume it.

Activities Near Thalaiyar Waterfall

The Thalaiyar Falls should be visited at least once by everybody who appreciates nature and its beauty. Thalaiyar Falls and the area around it provide a variety of activities besides just taking in the tranquility of the falls. Among them are:

1. Go on a hike to the falls’ base:

You can climb up to the base of the Thalaiyar Falls, starting at Manjalar Lake. While doing this, you get to travel through many potato and mango orchards and farms. The hike is not only exceedingly gorgeous and lovely but also very daring. As a result, you should only attempt it if you are physically and psychologically fit.

2. Take a boat out on Kodaikanal Lake:

The Kodai Lake, sometimes called Kodaikanal Lake, is a beautiful location adjacent to the Thalaiyar Falls. Moreover, boating is the best activity you may engage in here. You can choose from various boats, including pedal, single- and double-seat row, and Kashmiri boats. The crystal-clear water and the breathtaking scenery enhance the overall experience.

Kodaikanal Lake

3. Explore the Caves of Guna:

These sinister-looking caves, Devil’s Kitchen, are well-known for being bat hotspots. Visitors must balance themselves here to enter a rock balanced on two other rocks. Visiting these caves is a must, especially if you are adventurous. They are surrounded by nature and mystery. Moreover, remember to bring your camera along so you can take breathtaking pictures of the beautiful tree formations surrounding the caves, which will astound you.

4. Have a barbecue at Pillar Rocks:

One of Kodaikanal’s most well-known tourist attractions is Pillar Rocks. The Pillar Rocks area, a well-liked picnic area, comprises three enormous, vertically positioned rocks that rise about 400 meters above the ground. You can visit this place with your friends and family to unwind while having a picnic outdoors. You can also get a fantastic bird’s eye view of the nearby mountains and verdant forests. A popular food cart with a wide range of pakoras is located outside the miniature garden, where tourists frequently indulge.

How to Reach

Arriving at Kodaikanal Bus Stand?

Around 20 kilometers separate Kodaikanal Bus Stop from Thalaiyar Falls, and depending on traffic, it often takes 48 to 60 minutes to complete the journey.

Hire a private vehicle or take a cab, the quickest option, to get to Thalaiyar Falls from Kodaikanal Bus Station.

However, the numerous tourist or government buses that can transport you to the falls are a more affordable option. Due to its length, this approach will also take a lot longer.

Ideal Season to Visit

Thalaiyar Falls is most beautiful from October through March (winter and early spring) and from July through early September (monsoon season).

Kodaikanal faces the beginning of winter from October to March, followed by the chilly months and early spring. The weather is ideal for visiting this magnificent sight at this time, and the water levels at Thalaiyar Falls are pleasurable.


The summer season in the area begins in March and lasts until the first few days of July. Around this moment, the water begins to reduce. The water at the falls is practically nonexistent on worse days when temperatures soar above 40 degrees Celsius. So, it is recommended to avoid going to the falls at this time of year.

The monsoon season follows, from early July to early September, and is when the falls are at their most spectacular. An amazing scene results from water gushing to the falls from the hills above.

Important Information

Thalaiyar Waterfall is situated in the Palani Hills ranges in the Dindigul District of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624210.

All days of the week, excluding Sundays, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you can visit the Thalaiyar Falls.

No entrance fee is necessary to enter Thalaiyar Falls. There are no entry fees of any kind.

Waterfall Height: Thalaiyar Falls rise to 297 meters (975 ft).

Facilities for Visitors: There are areas designed with sitting for guests. Little food stands that sell water and snacks are also available.

Parking Facility: Visitors may use the free parking facilities, which are available.

The trip to Thalaiyar Falls from Kodaikanal Bus Stop is around 21.5 kilometers long, and depending on traffic, it can take between 56 and 90 minutes to complete.

The Thalaiyar Falls’ Structure:

Thalaiyar Falls, also known as the Rat Tail Falls, is the sixth-highest waterfall on the Indian Subcontinent and the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu, with a height of 297 meters. When you visit, you can see a modest concrete wall on top of the borders on both sides of the waterfall.

This wall focuses the flow’s overall direction while tapering it, giving it a shape resembling a rat’s tail. Visitors can also traverse this concrete wall to get to the waterfall’s heart by walking along it.

A sizable rock can also be found beneath one of these walls. Its rock’s breadth is 1.5 meters, and it is flat. Visitors can descend to the rock’s base and ascend to its edge. Great views of the surrounding mountains and vegetation are available from this location.

A little stream of water can also be seen flowing into the nearby forests and meadows if you look below the rock. The water cascades into oblivion on the opposite side of the rock. The fact that the water is pouring silently is an interesting feature.

Thalaiyar Falls Hiking

One of the most well-liked adventurous activities near Thalaiyar Falls is hiking. However, just the bottom of the falls is permitted only in the summer and winter (the dry seasons).

Starting at the incredibly picturesque Manjalar Dam, the hike to Thalaiyar Falls begins. This is particularly true because the Dam crosses some lovely mango and potato farms near Manjalar Reservoir. From here, one must ascend along the water’s path until one arrives at a modest temple honoring Goddess Kamakshi. After that, hikers should continue to follow the stream’s path.

Thalaiyar Falls Hiking

The actual ascent up the creek begins from this point. To finally reach the base of the Thalaiyar Falls, you will need to overcome several challenging terrain features and sizable, slippery rocks. The hike lasts all day and is about 15 kilometers long.

Advice for Visitors to Thalaiyar Falls

Guna Caves, also called the Devil’s Kitchen, became well-known with the release of the Kamal Hassan film Guna. Yet there are a few things you must constantly remember before entering this pitch-black cave. Among them are:

1. Going on a cave tour with a guide is always a good idea. It could be perilous to explore the cave on your own.

2. It is advised against taking young children or the elderly to the caves. This is due to the interiors’ darkness, slickness, and difficulty in exploration. Here, even a minor error could be disastrous.

3. Before your planned visit, checking to see if the caves are open or closed is a good idea.

4. Bring a torch and wear comfortable shoes when visiting Guna Caves.

Silver Cascade Park

There is no better place to choose as a halt on your lengthy trek along a winding ghat road than one with a magnificent waterfall. One of the most stunning gems of the princess of hill stations, Silver Cascade Waterfall, can be found by traveling through the zigzagging ghat roads for around 8 km from Kodaikanal.

Silver Cascade Falls, which has an appropriate name, is a magnificent cascading cascade that rises more than 180 feet. Weary travelers can take a much-needed cooling respite at this lovely waterfall along the gorgeous Kodaikanal-Madurai Route. Travelers are treated to a beautiful spectacle as the overflow from the surrounding Kodai Lake falls over high cliffs to create a captivating waterfall.

Silver Cascade Park

When you arrive along the ghat road, you can see the waterfall’s picturesque setting amid many florae from far away. White streams flowing over cliffs and the roaring sound of the falls are ideal for drawing people to the area and taking some time in nature’s exquisite splendor. Silver Cascade Falls is a photographer’s paradise with its view of foaming white streams smashing over boulders and the enchanted rainbows created in its misty air. Have your cameras ready, then, without a doubt.

Some people find it impossible to resist the temptation of crystal-clear, chilly water. Who wouldn’t want to stop for a moment and enjoy a brief shower next to a cascading waterfall? You can safely enter the falls for a leisurely swim if you don’t mind being teased by the monkeys on the neighboring treetops. The tranquil woodlands and Silver Cascading Falls are the ideal places to stop and rest between expeditions. At Silver Cascade Falls, you may while away hours watching the monkeys frolic and the waterfalls dance.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Silver Cascade Falls?

Due to the area’s good weather and minimal humidity, winter is the best season to see the waterfall. Typically, the evenings are cooler than the days. Consequently, you need one or two layers of clothing to stay protected. With water levels at their peak and a more picturesque view of the fall, monsoons are also an excellent time to see waterfalls.

Advice for Tourists to Silver Cascade Falls:

1. If you don’t like being wet, consider wearing a raincoat as you approach the falls.

2. There are a few bathrooms close to the waterfall.

3. Several cows and monkeys may be present close to the food stands. Thus, use caution when eating any snacks.

How to reach Silver Cascade Falls

Air: The closest airports to Silver Cascade Falls are Coimbatore, 150 miles from Trichy, and 120 km from Madurai (170 km). All three have good road access to Kodaikanal.

Rail: The closest rail station, Dindigul, has good connections to Kodaikanal. To go to Kodaikanal, one can use an auto, call a taxi, or board a state bus.

Road: Kodaikanal is well connected to all major Tamil Nadu cities by state buses. Dindigul, the district’s administrative center, is 90 kilometers from Kodaikanal. The Silver Cascade Falls are located 8 kilometers down the Kodai-Madurai road from Kodaikanal.

Entry fee for Silver Cascade Kodaikanal:

Entry is free.

Timings for Silver Cascade at Kodaikanal:

9:30 am to 3:00 pm from Monday through Sunday.

Silver Cascade Waterfalls: What to not avoid missing

Around Cascade Falls, there are numerous things you may do. Many of these include:

Visit Kodaikanal Lake by boat:

A breathtaking vista of the lovely Kodaikanal Lake may be seen on the route from Silver Cascade Falls to Kodaikanal.

You can rent a boat here and explore the lake’s waters, designed to be beautiful. Kodaikanal Lake covers 59 acres and is a tourist and a villagers’ dream come true.

One of the several boathouses in this area allows you to rent a boat. Also, you can choose sailing ships, one- or two-seater robots, and self-propelled paddle boats. The Palani hills, which are in the background of the lake, are also beautiful.

Check out the Kurinji Temple:

The Kurinji Temple is built on a mound overlooking the hills of Kodaikanal and is a great example of the spectacular Dravidian architectural style.

The Kurinji Temple, devoted to Lord Murugan and constructed in the early 1930s, was named for the purple-blue flower of the same name, which blooms once every 12 years in the Kodaikanal highlands.

You will enter this temple by its entrance, which is one of the temple’s key draws. Intricate carvings, patterns, and clear colors are also present.

Dolphin-Nose Trek:

Dolphin Nose, just a few kilometers from Silver Cascade Falls, provides a breathtaking vantage point to overlook the Kodaikanal’s surrounding valleys and landscape. It is a flat piece of mountain granite that stares down a steep hill. Moreover, it has a nose-like form like a dolphin.

Dolphin Nose Trek

With a height of 6,600 feet above sea level, it’s a great location for hiking near Silver Cascade Falls. The peak may be reached in 4 to 6 hours of hiking. You may also see Vaigai Lake or Periyakulam Town from here.

Visit the Thalayar Falls’ base:

The Silver Cascade Falls are 30 minutes from Thalayar Falls, Tamil Nadu’s tallest waterfall. You can start your hike up to the waterfall’s base from Manjalar Lake.

You may achieve this by driving through gorgeous mango orchards and potato fields. It is among the most breathtaking outdoor pursuits you can partake in close to Silver Cascade Falls.

People Also Ask:

Is it safe to take bath in Thalaiyar falls?

As the rivers in Tamil Nadu and the surrounding areas provide the water for Thalaiyar Falls, it is said to be contaminated. Thus, it is not recommended to bathe in its waters.

Where is Thalaiyar falls in Tamil Nadu?

Waterfalls in Thalaiyar Thalaiyar Falls, often called Rat Tail Falls, is a waterfall in the Theni District of Tamil Nadu State, South India. It is one of the tributaries of the Vaigai River, which flows in the state’s southern region.

How high is Silver Cascade Falls?

Silver Cascade Falls, as its name suggests, is a magnificent cascading cascade that rises more than 180 feet.

Can we bath in Silver Falls?

No, in actuality, bathing in the falls is not permitted.

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